Like most crafters I have wip’s*, multiple wip’s, sometimes an overwhelming number of them. So I worked on some of them this weekend. Some are gifts and others are just processes I wanted to try, like the English piecing. I used this excellent tutorial for the piecing. Thanks for keeping momentum with me and commenting on the tissue holders! Only another 46 weeks to go, *gulp*.


I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, I have. Yesterday we went to a local growers market with Jessica, she’s super awesome, and I managed to sneak in a visit to Calico & Ivy and Scabshite. The Son and I then went to lunch, she had a haircut and I sat in a cafe and had a chai and played with my new iPhone. Yep I got completely sucked in by it and it’s so much fun. For those of you with children maybe stop reading….Sunday we woke up about 9am, had breakfast in bed, watched Kungfu Panda and then fell back asleep until 1pm…I then spent the afternoon sewing and The Son cooked a delicious dinner of rack of lamb with spuds and brocolli. Yummy.


Have a great week everyone.

*Works in progress for the uninitiated.

13 thoughts on “wipping

  1. katie D says:

    Your sunday sounds so lovely!
    I am lucky enough to know the lovely lana that works at calico and ivy. She teases me often about the gorgeous shop, I really hope I get to visit it one day.
    WIP’s are what keep me sane. As creative types need something to pick up when stress or boredom hits. Different projects for different moods, so you need a thousand and one things on the go! Thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it lol
    LOVE english piecing! I think you have just added another WIP to my list.
    happy monday


  2. Emma says:

    Your Sunday sounds good – mine was spent at work extremely busy!
    I have lots of wips too, good on you for working on some of yours, I wish mine were similarly progressing :S


  3. jen says:

    I too was at C&I on Saturday..hope you did a better job than I did at keeping your wallet closed…did you happen to see the quilt hanging in the back room that had been made at the Kaffe Fassett workshop?…nearly as good as our footstools….


  4. Lara says:

    oooh – I’m going back to English piecing as well. I did a lot when I was really little because my mum had lots of pieces made up (she was really into). Looking forward to see how you get on with it!


  5. tommy says:

    I was just looking back through your postings, and I know this is entirely unrelated or current, but my eye was caught by your last photo. Although there isn’t much to be said about photo, I think you should consider framing that shot of the sewing machine on the fabric, because with the back lighting your photo is a very cool artistic piece of art!


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