on the nose?

Hey! Over here!! Sorry for the lack of nose this week, life got in the way of nose. I’ll announce later this week who the winner is. I’m also suspending 52 Weeks of Nose until say Jan/Feb next year. Sorry to disappoint, I do intend on finishing it and I appreciate the participation so far. I may sneak in a couple before the festive season. With back-tack, my day job and planning to hopefully sell at 2 markets in November…..time is tight! Not forgetting the time I want to spend with Sondra (yes The Son is a woman and my partner, not my son as a kind reader emailed me about, asking if I was confused).

Not forgetting my submission is due for a project I can’t talk about, but here’s a peek, just a peek.


So tomorrow morning are back-tack signups! Eeeek I can’t believe it’s come up so quickly. I’m really looking forward to it and fingers crossed our new signup form holds up. On that PLEASE sign-up at the back-tack
site. There will be a form there to fill out. Good luck and happy crafting!


52 weeks of nose – week 8

You guys liked the apples and pears hey? Might repeat this one later, you know, at week 40 😛

So the winner of week 7 is commenter number 9, I asked The Son to pick a number between one and 31 and that’s what she came up with. So Erin, come on down….

BTW, seems I post these out in 3-4 week blocks, so if you haven’t received yours don’t panic, it’s coming.

This week’s a little bit of Joel Dewberry goodness from his Ginseng range, purchased at Sew Mama Sew I think. Trimmed with some linen tape.


Leave a comment to go into the draw. Thanks everyone and happy crafting!!

52 weeks of nose – week 7

Hey hey! I’m a little bit late with this week’s nose, hope you’re all well. Last week’s winner is Emma.

Wow you guys were opinionated about your fabric, it was great to hear what you do. Surprisingly a lot of you don’t wash. I’ve realised that I wash if it’s for anything larger than a handbag or baby stuff I definitely wash. Imagine making a quilt and having some bad ass piece of fabric bleed or do something horrid that wrecked your quilt, not cool at all.

This week is a little bit of Japanese heaven from Lovely Leslie. LOVE the apples and itty bitty ric rac or is it ricrac? Anywhoooo. Just leave a comment to go into the running.


For you West Aussies, this Sunday the Upmarket is on in the city. Get on down and support your local crafters! Link.

Happy Crafting!

Denyse, I’d like to introduce you to Kate.

Kate turned 30 last week and I figured for this milestone she needed a lap quilt. You know, for those afternoon naps she’s going to be taking now she’s 30. This is my 2nd ever finished quilt. It’s not perfect, it has some puckers and hiccups but overall I’m happy and the Denyse Schmidt cheater print hides a multitude of sins. LOVELY pattern, though I am confused as to why it’s a light weight decorator and not a quilter’s weight. I’ve backed it with a mix of Joelle’s "Net of Jewel" solids, a little bit of Tina Givens (the red and brown in the centre), a bird print and I can’t remember who’s this is but I love it and the green I’m pretty sure is from a back-tack eons ago. The binding is predominately a calico with a little strip of the backing fabrics added.

I didn’t quilt around all the squares instead I did stripes. I picked up most of the edges in one direction and then did a few in the opposite direction, partly to do with me being able to maneuver the quilt under my machine. I’ve definitely caught the quilt bug and have enough cheater fabric for a quilt for us….as well as a few other’s planned!

More pics over at flickr.




52 weeks of nose – week 6

Morning! Another week another nose. Thanks for the comment love, I’m loving those of you that are coming out of the woodwork! Very cool. Of course I also love those that keep coming back. Gotta keep all the kids happy 🙂

Week 5’s winner is a commenter called Chrisper. I’ll be in touch or if you’re reading drop me an email with your details.

So the fabric this week has been in my stash for a while, can’t even remember where I purchased it, Superbuzzy maybe. The bag I’ve been using for just under a year is made from the tape measure fabric, it’s so yummy. Trimmed with some sweetass Elephant tape from Lovely Leslie.


This week, comment as usual to go into the draw, but could you also answer a poll? This is a funny one for me. For smaller projects I generally don’t wash my fabric, but larger I tend to. Does that make me bad? I know that when Jessica saw my fabric stash and I watched her eyes widen when I said most of it wasn’t washed it got me thinking. So I wanna know, do you wash your stash as soon as you get it home? Of course if you’d like to articulate further please do so in the comments! 🙂

Have a great week and happy crafting!