52 weeks of nose – week 6

Morning! Another week another nose. Thanks for the comment love, I’m loving those of you that are coming out of the woodwork! Very cool. Of course I also love those that keep coming back. Gotta keep all the kids happy 🙂

Week 5’s winner is a commenter called Chrisper. I’ll be in touch or if you’re reading drop me an email with your details.

So the fabric this week has been in my stash for a while, can’t even remember where I purchased it, Superbuzzy maybe. The bag I’ve been using for just under a year is made from the tape measure fabric, it’s so yummy. Trimmed with some sweetass Elephant tape from Lovely Leslie.


This week, comment as usual to go into the draw, but could you also answer a poll? This is a funny one for me. For smaller projects I generally don’t wash my fabric, but larger I tend to. Does that make me bad? I know that when Jessica saw my fabric stash and I watched her eyes widen when I said most of it wasn’t washed it got me thinking. So I wanna know, do you wash your stash as soon as you get it home? Of course if you’d like to articulate further please do so in the comments! 🙂

Have a great week and happy crafting!


44 thoughts on “52 weeks of nose – week 6

  1. Laura says:

    About half the fabric I use for my crafting is from recycled garments so they are generally pre-washed (YAY – saves me the trouble).
    For my bags I rarely wash any new fabric, unless it is a really strong colour i.e. red that I would weep to see bleed into a neighbouring fabric.
    Loving the nose news!


  2. stephanie says:

    i’ve lurked for ages here, but thought i’d finally unlurk to say “hi!”
    i really love your work — especially excited to see how the ds quilt comes out 🙂
    anyhow, i’ve tried to get into the habit of washing my fabric like i should. but i’m still a little bit of a slacker.
    i usually keep new fabric separate from my stash until i’ve gathered enough to justify doing a load.


  3. Christie says:

    I never used to wash, but now that I sew a lot more & make clothes for my kids I always wash fabric at least once & I also always dry it in the drier.
    I try to do it as soon as I get it home so that it is ready for sewing when I want to use it 🙂
    PS tissue cover is very cute, great fabric/trim combo


  4. Emma says:

    Interesting topic – I have been wondering about it myself actually.
    I generally wash my fabric before I use it. As I often screenprint on it, the ink instructions say the fabric should be prewashed. Also, even though I don’t really make clothes where shrinking could be an issue I worry about the colour running. It’s really annoying though when I’m all ready to make something and then realise I haven’t washed the fabric yet, which will take at least a day or so to dry this time of year. So I had been thinking of washing everything when I buy it, before I even put it away… not sure I could keep it up though!


  5. lindamade says:

    i used to not wash it until i wanted to use it because i had to go to the laundromat to do so. but now that we have a machine i try to wash it as i buy it (with the next load, anyway). for something that i’m not going to wash anyway (like a purse or fabric box) it really doesn’t matter, but if i just wash everything then i don’t have to worry about it if i want to start a project rightnow.
    that said, i really don’t think it’s a big deal except for clothing.
    cute tissue holder, too!


  6. Nicole says:

    I love the tissue covers. I’ve been thinking about switching to cloth hankies and I’m wondering how they would work in the types of tissue covers you’re making. My major issue with making the switch is with getting my husband to admit it’s a good idea – he hates the idea of handkerchiefs!


  7. MaryAnne says:

    Love the trim, and fabric so great!! ..and your poll: I always wash my fabric right away so when I am ready for it…I just grab it and start cutting. but I suppose it is only important for the projects you are nervous about shrinkage.


  8. Serena says:

    Contrary to my Mum’s diligent teachings and much to her dismay, the only time my fabric sees water prior to being a finished piece is if I happen to spill my cuppa on it! Full chops to the ‘Weeks of Nose’, great idea! And this week’s goodie is a pearler!


  9. katrin says:

    a beautiful cover! did you wash the fabric before? 😉
    I do wash fabrics if I plan to make clothing from it but I rarely wash fabric for quilts or bags because I love the antique look a quilt gets when it’s washed and I usually don’t machine wash my bags. so I wash when it’s time to cut and sew, not when a fabric parcel hits my house… yes. bad me!


  10. Lynsey says:

    I don’t wash my fabric but as mine is mostly vintage/from the charity shop anyway then it has mainly been washed before. I’m glad to see that I am in the majority on this issue too!


  11. julie says:

    ive been a lurker – or is that voyeur for some time always love the colours you put together… black white and red caught my eye in your tissue holder – very groovy…
    keep it up, I like to watch! Julie.


  12. Hoppo Bumpo says:

    Love the tape measure print and elephant trim. Very cute together.
    Never mind washing the fabric – I recently learned that you are supposed to also overlock the raw edges before tossing the fabric in the wash. An insane amount of work or what?


  13. Nancy says:

    If I’m using the fabric to make an actual garment, I wash once I’m ready to begin the project, but if the fabric is going to be a bag or a book cover, I don’t wash.
    I hear my sewing mentor turning over in her grave–she faithfully washed everything before adding it to her stash.


  14. Bertha says:

    I will usually (though not always) prewash fabrics before quilting, usually if I’m making something like a throw or bed quilt that will be washed, or if the fabric is red and I’m concerned about bleeding or whatever…if I’m making a bag or baby clothes or whatever, I don’t generally prewash.


  15. Beth says:

    Sometimes I wash my fabric, but if I wash it the edges fray. Then you have to iron it which I hate to do. Washing fabric before I start a project such a hassle. I love your giveaway. I have been subscribing to your blog since before you started the contest but this is the firs time I have entered in the contest. Love the fabric of this weeks tissue pouch!


  16. Elizabeth says:

    What a sweet idea. My pregnant nose would be very happy.
    As for washing–it depends. If it’s going to be clothes or is already destined for a project, I always wash. If I’m buying it because I can’t resist how cute it is but I have no ideas of what to do with it yet, I do not wash.


  17. Paula Roegge says:

    Unless I’m making a handbag, I always wash my fabric. However, I usually wait until I’m ready to use it before I wash it.
    As far as the bags go, I will wash that fabric if they are going to be a diaper bag or such. Actual purses I don’t wash ever.
    I hate shrinkage! So I want the option of being able to wash something later if I choose to.


  18. sooz says:

    Hey there. I always wash – basically I can’t be bothered trying to remember whether I did it or not and I never know what I’m going to use fabric for. I decided on this blanket rule a couple of years ago after 2 exceptionally sad episodes in a row – one involved bleeding dye in a quilt (red onto white – it was an ugly ugly thing) and the other a patterned panel in a skirt which inexplicably shrunk. Never again.


  19. tendril says:

    I absolutely adore the circus trim on this weeks tissue holder! Too cute!
    I always mean to wash my fabric as soon as I get it but I never ever do.


  20. Andrea (noricum) says:

    I don’t wash my fabric until I’m going to use it… unless, of course, the “fabric” is in the form of a thrift store find (an article of clothing to cut up and use). Then I wash it just in case it wasn’t washed before.
    Do you machine or handwash your fabric? If you machine wash, do you do anything to prevent the edges from fraying? Just curious… I hate “losing” fabric.


  21. juju says:

    I never wash fabric unless it’s for a garment.
    We are all sick at home with the flu this week, so I have to try out for the tissue holder!
    Even if I don’t win, I am going to have my cute students try it out.


  22. anna says:

    I don’t wash the fabric in my stash, and actually an accomplished quilter I know doesn’t prewash even when she does patchwork because she likes the look of the puckered fabric and uses it as a design element. She does prewash for Hawaiian appliqued quilts though.
    Such cute fabric for the tissue holder. I love the tape measure.


  23. meg says:

    I wash it as soon as I get home. If I didn’t nothing would ever get made–I would think of something to make and then think, “oh poo, I have to wash the fabric first. screw it.”


  24. Victoria says:

    Although I spent all day cleaning my studio, and washing fabric, I usually don’t wash it until I need it. Although, I’m thinking I may start, as my allergies pick up when I walk into my studio!!!


  25. Mearaid says:

    I wash my fabric when I get it if I’m going to use it in a project right away. I am a newbie and trying to build a stash so I dont’t wash the fabric I buy with no project in mind, but I do eventually wash it before I use it.


  26. Rebecca says:

    Eep. I wouldn’t even think of washing it – except if I’ve bought it second hand at a marekt or a garage sale or something. Hmm..maybe I should start washing it!!!


  27. chmiller says:

    I don’t prewash – even for big projects. I make quilts, and the shrinkage after quilting gives it a nice, crinkly feel 🙂
    PS LOVE the tissue holder! So cute!!


  28. Anke says:

    …this is oh so beautiful….!! Wish it was mine.
    I only wash my fabric if it says on the lable thst it will shrink, or when I got it from places like the flea market …;-)


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