Denyse, I’d like to introduce you to Kate.

Kate turned 30 last week and I figured for this milestone she needed a lap quilt. You know, for those afternoon naps she’s going to be taking now she’s 30. This is my 2nd ever finished quilt. It’s not perfect, it has some puckers and hiccups but overall I’m happy and the Denyse Schmidt cheater print hides a multitude of sins. LOVELY pattern, though I am confused as to why it’s a light weight decorator and not a quilter’s weight. I’ve backed it with a mix of Joelle’s "Net of Jewel" solids, a little bit of Tina Givens (the red and brown in the centre), a bird print and I can’t remember who’s this is but I love it and the green I’m pretty sure is from a back-tack eons ago. The binding is predominately a calico with a little strip of the backing fabrics added.

I didn’t quilt around all the squares instead I did stripes. I picked up most of the edges in one direction and then did a few in the opposite direction, partly to do with me being able to maneuver the quilt under my machine. I’ve definitely caught the quilt bug and have enough cheater fabric for a quilt for us….as well as a few other’s planned!

More pics over at flickr.




19 thoughts on “Denyse, I’d like to introduce you to Kate.

  1. mo says:

    It is such a great quilt and what a thoughtful gift. I have been bitten by the quilting bug as well and love to see what you have come up with. Speaking of back-tack, any plans for another round? It is such great fun!


  2. Emma says:

    Such a lovely quilt!
    And I love that bird print on the back. I actually think there was a dress/tunic at Dangerfield a while ago with that same print, only in a different colourway on navy blue…


  3. edwina says:

    Great quilt, I was thinking of making a lap quilt with the cheater fabric for my sister’s 40th. Did you buy it in oz? or online? Did you use one panel?
    I really like the back fabrics you chose. Looks wonderful


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