52 weeks of nose – week 7

Hey hey! I’m a little bit late with this week’s nose, hope you’re all well. Last week’s winner is Emma.

Wow you guys were opinionated about your fabric, it was great to hear what you do. Surprisingly a lot of you don’t wash. I’ve realised that I wash if it’s for anything larger than a handbag or baby stuff I definitely wash. Imagine making a quilt and having some bad ass piece of fabric bleed or do something horrid that wrecked your quilt, not cool at all.

This week is a little bit of Japanese heaven from Lovely Leslie. LOVE the apples and itty bitty ric rac or is it ricrac? Anywhoooo. Just leave a comment to go into the running.


For you West Aussies, this Sunday the Upmarket is on in the city. Get on down and support your local crafters! Link.

Happy Crafting!

32 thoughts on “52 weeks of nose – week 7

  1. Emma says:

    Oh yay I won! Thanks so much! Do I email you with postage details or something? Just let me know!
    And your tissue holder for this week is adorable too – I love that fabric!


  2. Mary Rotman says:

    this apple print would be BEYOND perfect for my mom, who has been a teacher for too many years to count 🙂 she started school last week and is constantly buying those little things of kleenex to keep in her purse. so fun 🙂


  3. Mearaid says:

    I have an awful cold this week and wish I had such a beautiful tissue holder for my tissues, it would make blowing my poor sore nose feel better.


  4. Kathie says:

    Love the fruity nose this week!
    The market looks like it’s a good one. Unfortunatly I’m no where near (other side of the country!)
    I’m sure I could find a market over here somewhere!!


  5. juliette Lanvers says:

    Well, I guess I’ll try again!
    I am resolute to make my students try those little pouches tomorrow… wish me luck!
    and BTW today I did prewash my fabrics because I was mixing fleece with cotton… what an adventure.


  6. Nicky says:

    That’s so cute, and as I seem to have the sniffles constantly (2 children under 3 like to keep passing it round!) it would make blowing my and indeed theirs a joy…


  7. tommy says:

    Wow, I could simply eat that right up literally! The sewing is so nicely done, as sometimes my sewing machine and I dont seem quite so compatible. I must say I am impressed.


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