52 weeks of nose – week 8

You guys liked the apples and pears hey? Might repeat this one later, you know, at week 40 😛

So the winner of week 7 is commenter number 9, I asked The Son to pick a number between one and 31 and that’s what she came up with. So Erin, come on down….

BTW, seems I post these out in 3-4 week blocks, so if you haven’t received yours don’t panic, it’s coming.

This week’s a little bit of Joel Dewberry goodness from his Ginseng range, purchased at Sew Mama Sew I think. Trimmed with some linen tape.


Leave a comment to go into the draw. Thanks everyone and happy crafting!!

38 thoughts on “52 weeks of nose – week 8

  1. Emma says:

    Oooh, I love the colour son this one and that sweet little birdy!
    Also I still haven’t emailed you my postal details for when I was lucky enough to win one – shall I do that?


  2. Rachel says:

    The color combo is perfect. And a little bird? You KNOW I’m a sucker for a little bird. I know the year of nose has just begun but I think I love this one most- so far.


  3. juju says:

    hehhee! I try for it again….
    But with a question this time. I made those from the tutorial with my two 10 year old students last week. They were a big hit!
    What kind of interfacing do you use? is it thick or just webbing? we used thick stuff and I think it was a bit wrong.


  4. nicole says:

    Hey JUJU – I usually use a decorator weight fabric for the outer and a quilt weight fabric for the inner and a light/normal weight iron-on interfacing. Oh glad you guys tried it!!


  5. erin says:

    really? i won?
    i’ve been without power for 8 days. this was a nice surprise!
    and can i say i am super pumped for back tack (and more so that i didn’t miss the signups while without electricity)? fun!


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