on the nose?

Hey! Over here!! Sorry for the lack of nose this week, life got in the way of nose. I’ll announce later this week who the winner is. I’m also suspending 52 Weeks of Nose until say Jan/Feb next year. Sorry to disappoint, I do intend on finishing it and I appreciate the participation so far. I may sneak in a couple before the festive season. With back-tack, my day job and planning to hopefully sell at 2 markets in November…..time is tight! Not forgetting the time I want to spend with Sondra (yes The Son is a woman and my partner, not my son as a kind reader emailed me about, asking if I was confused).

Not forgetting my submission is due for a project I can’t talk about, but here’s a peek, just a peek.


So tomorrow morning are back-tack signups! Eeeek I can’t believe it’s come up so quickly. I’m really looking forward to it and fingers crossed our new signup form holds up. On that PLEASE sign-up at the back-tack
site. There will be a form there to fill out. Good luck and happy crafting!


5 thoughts on “on the nose?

  1. Emma says:

    I totally understand about the nose giveaways, it sounds like you have lots to do and there’s only so many tissue holders one can squeeze in! I feel very lucky to have won one 😉
    Good luck with all your crafting for markets, and Back Tack too. I won’t be joining in but I’ve read all about it so I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone makes for the theme this time!


  2. Donna says:

    Thanks for explaining. “The Son” has been confusing me since I found your blog. Love all your craftiness. I’m kinda new to crafting, crocheting, and knitting – my kids have finally gotten old enough that I have time for a hobby. I check out your blog every few days for inspiration. You never fail to provide it! Thanks!


  3. tommy says:

    hmm…now I want to know what the nice white knitting leads to! You have me curious. Ps. even if you are not giving away the tissue holders anymore, I think they are simply delightful!


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