When it rains…

It pours a little. Hey all I’ve spent the past four days in bed with the nastiest flu. NASTY. Starting to feel more human today, thank goodness.

This morning we had to take Ted back to the vet and it looks like we’re up for about $2-$4000 in surgery costs to get his knees fixed. Poor little dude has been having some pain the past few weeks. We don’t know if it’s an issue with the breeder but I’ll be letting them know, he is only one and at a healthy weight. So we’ll be paying a visit to the bank. I’m not complaining as we are in a fortunate position to consider surgery as an option.

So it’s a sorta whiney post but not really more of a *sigh*. Hope you’re all having a great week and I’ll be back with some light and fluffy craft soon.When it rains...

finding the joy

That's what I've been trying to do and remind myself whilst sewing and making for my first craft fair. It's an experiment of sorts, dipping my toe and also seeing if I can keep the joy and not get bogged down and it becoming a chore. I get bored easy, I guess that's why I craft in so many different areas. So trying to decide what to make and then stick to it…a challenge! I'm getting there.

Pictured below is a linen Christmas stocking for the fair. Very simple, hard for me to not over decorate but I'm holding back. Thanks to Jess for the suggestion.

Oh and my bad I forgot to say thanks in my last post for the birthday wishes. So thanks!! 🙂

Linen stocking 5

More pictures over at flickr.

Oh and hello new Typepad

more peeks

Hey hey! Stevie Wonder was awesome. Well he started of a little rough and it got much much mucho better.

I’m frantically making in the evenings and on weekends for the market in November. If I have surplus stock over (I’m hoping I won’t!) I’m thinking of either setting up an etsy or bigcartel shop front. Which leads me to designing my own "mark" of sorts. So what you think? It’s a start and down the track if and when I have money to throw at it I’ll get a designer friend to finesse it for me, but for now I think it’ll do.

I still have some tissue holders due to be posted, please be patient with me, they’ll be coming soon, promise I haven’t forgotten you! Aside from that we’re dealing with the dreaded blocked toilet at home. ICKY ICKY. We’ve had on an off problems since we bought the house last year and since the new toilet went in….not happy. So today we have a dude with a camera inspecting our pipes. I hate plumbing issues, they always seem to involve lots of money and there’s the obvious issue of not being able to go to the toilet 🙂  Saying that, Son’s the lucky one who’s had to stay at home today. Fingers crossed we have some not so bad news later once he’s finished! Anyhow, until next time, happy crafting and pooping!


PS: The blog roll is up at the at back-tack site.

it’s my birthday and….

I’m not going to be shy about it. Yep, today I turn 37! EEk 3 years off 40. Wow.

So yeah I’ll do a birthday giveaway or two. Yep, I’m wh*ring for comments. So leave me a comment and make me laugh. Comments/s that make me laugh the most will get a little custom parcel. Dunno what. Something I’ll make you.

Whilst we’re talking about birthday’s it was our buddy WezzyJ’s birthday last week. He’s old like me, 38 I think, Wez? Anyhow. I find crafty man gifts tricky. Wez and Al have recently had a pizza oven installed and he was in need of some manly oven mitts. I figured he’d also need an apron to protect his pants so here we have the golden cock apron, modelled by the lovely Sondra. Cute ass hey?



So, make me laugh people and have a great day, I will!