it’s my birthday and….

I’m not going to be shy about it. Yep, today I turn 37! EEk 3 years off 40. Wow.

So yeah I’ll do a birthday giveaway or two. Yep, I’m wh*ring for comments. So leave me a comment and make me laugh. Comments/s that make me laugh the most will get a little custom parcel. Dunno what. Something I’ll make you.

Whilst we’re talking about birthday’s it was our buddy WezzyJ’s birthday last week. He’s old like me, 38 I think, Wez? Anyhow. I find crafty man gifts tricky. Wez and Al have recently had a pizza oven installed and he was in need of some manly oven mitts. I figured he’d also need an apron to protect his pants so here we have the golden cock apron, modelled by the lovely Sondra. Cute ass hey?



So, make me laugh people and have a great day, I will!

36 thoughts on “it’s my birthday and….

  1. Veronica Darling says:

    Oh, I’m not one for the jokes, in that I spend most of my time laughing and not creating my own, but happy birthday to you! I’ve been tossing and turning about whether turning 30 is significant or not (my birthday was just in August)… firstly I think I’m HOT for 30… then I think I’m FAT for 30 … etc etc etc… oh boy, the paranoia of b’days!
    All the best!


  2. Rachael says:

    Happy Birthday Nicole! I’m turning 37 too (I think? I just had to check, am I 37 already? Ok, no I’m 36, for another 3 monts,phew. Scuse the early on-set dementia!?!) The Son does indeed have a cute butt, and I say that with all due respect, as I am officially perving on your partners butt now….Ok I blame the dementia. Enough with the babbble, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


  3. Rachel says:

    Yeah, yeah, we know, Son has a cute butt. But… you’re the only one that gets to put your oven mitts on it. Show off! πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday, Nicole. Booby hugs and booty shaking all around. xoxo


  4. Al M (Mo's ho) says:

    Happy birthday to my one and only hobee!! Love you lots Nickers!
    And yes, WezzyJ was most impressed with his man-craft mitts and golden cock apron. I’m surprised Son didn’t model the apron au naturale – we know how she likes to get her crack out πŸ™‚


  5. leslie says:

    a huge happy birthday, nicole. 37 isn’t bad. isn’t bad at all.
    you could be 18. and trying to figure out what the heck to do with your life.
    or you could be 12. and loving hannah montana.
    or you could be 2. still in diapers.
    or you could be 23. partying every weekend. and also dealing with hangovers every weekend.
    or you could be 30. and pretending you had your life all figured out.
    or you could be 7. and obsessed with … i have no idea what 7 year olds are obsessed with.
    or you could be 4. and wearing matching clothes with your mother.
    or you could be 32. just like me. and still getting pimples. argh.
    or you could be 37. and loving life. embracing it. and looking forward to another great year full of laughs. and love.


  6. Em says:

    happy birthday… for some reason when I read your post about the golden cock apron and making you laugh a joke from my school days came to me….
    Why does it suck to be an egg?
    a: because you only get laid once, you only get eaten once it takes 9 mins to get hard…. AND the only chick that will sit on your face is your Mother!!
    ROFLMAO, I am such a child it still makes me laugh.
    Many happy returns
    xx Em


  7. tommy says:

    Ah, happy birthday. Remember you are as young as you feel, so you are probably like what only 21 right! You have a nice kick of humour I can tell form the cock apron! Looks very snazzy.


  8. Paula Roegge says:

    Why won’t anyone eat the dogs birthday cake? Because he always slobbers out the candles!
    OK-now that I’ve gotten the BAD joke out of the way…Happy Birthday! I have to tell you, I turned 40 this year, and it hasn’t been that bad (besides having to buy my own gift because hubby couldn’t decide? whatever.). I look at all the famous women that are 40, and besides the fact that I have a little extra tummy, but then again I did have a baby at 37, I look pretty good. And I don’t feel 40.
    So I guess what I’m trying to say is-the number doesn’t matter-it’s how you feel. And I feel 27.
    Enjoy your day!


  9. lynda says:

    happy birthday! i have a yr left before i start the trek up the “over the hill”. i’m with all the ones that say…it isn’t the #, just live like how u feel. i don’t think i have anything @ this moment to make u laugh…
    just “it’s your birthday, party naked~!”
    lynda in calif


  10. Asiye says:

    happy birthday!
    just discoverd your blog through moonstiches!
    and i cant think of anything fun- because i cant stop laughing bout the comments above! and when i stop i start thinking about being in my thirties…
    hope you have a fab day- party hard and enjoy the vue of the nice derier


  11. Grace says:

    You know, when I just skimmed that post in my reader, without the picture and apparently without the benefit of comprehension, I thought you’d made your girlfriend a cock. Which was crafty and all, but I was surprised she was willing to model it for the camera.


  12. Fran says:

    Sung as Marilyn….
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Biirrrthday to youuu.
    Happppyyy Birrrrttthhiday
    dear Nicooooollllleeeee.
    Happy Birthday LONG PAUSE
    Longer Pause


  13. Rebecca says:

    Brilliant!!! Man gifts are super hard – great ideas! Happy Happy Birthday to you!! I don’t have anything funny to say but just wanted to say happy birthday and thanks for your posts, I really enjoy your blog. Have a great birthday!! πŸ˜€


  14. anna says:

    Happy Happy Birthday, and just remember, no matter how old you get, John McCain is that much older. At least that is what I told myself when I hit 49.


  15. Renee says:

    A good family friend turned 39 the other day… I asked her how she felt and all that. She told me she feels like she’s still 21 sometimes. When I apologized and handed her my sunglasses and my emergency tylenol from my purse, she looked really confused. I told her “they’re for your hangover!”
    Her response was “okay, okay, okay, so I feel 39 and it’s BETTER than 21”


  16. di says:

    Hippy Birdy to you πŸ™‚
    Thanks- now I feel like and old fart (I turn 38 this year). Hope you have a fabulous celebration and lots of booby hugs πŸ™‚


  17. Karen says:

    Well, you and I share a birthday, but I hit 45! Oh my god what a shock!
    My darling 14 year old told me that I’d better get my act together if I wanted to have a book published by the time I was 50 (one of my goals) – I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the original target had been 20! Where have the years gone?
    Happy Birthday for last week – hope you had a ball.


  18. Karen says:

    Well, you and I share a birthday, but I hit 45! Oh my god what a shock!
    My darling 14 year old told me that I’d better get my act together if I wanted to have a book published by the time I was 50 (one of my goals) – I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the original target had been 20! Where have the years gone?
    Happy Birthday for last week – hope you had a ball.


  19. Lori says:

    Happy birthday!
    Mine is coming at the end of the month. Want to feel better? I’ll be WAAAAY older than 37. Someone said (and I liked her quote) “Before fifty, you are in the old age of your youth. After fifty, you are in the youth of your old age.”
    If I go by that, in another year, I’ll be an infant!
    Hope you enjoyed your special day


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