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Hi, just a quick drop in post. Posting off my back-tack today. FYI, for any Aussies out there posting internationally, this Friday is the cut-off date for international post to arrive before Christmas.

So, here's a little look. There's more but you'll have to wait until Melissa receives it, though I think she'll be focused on a different sort of arrival! Very exciting for her family.

Button wreath


Ok, gotta run. Tonight we're off to our first Thanksgiving, very excited. Have a listen to Emiliana Torrini's "Big Jumps". Link.

look, pretty christmas stuff

Will that distract you all from the fact that I haven't posted for over a week? No, oh well, it's pretty anyhow, hey!

So, my first market went well, it was at Made on the Left. Whilst I loved the venue the lighting at our table was sucky, but still it didn't deter people from buying. Umm the other thing? A combination of nerves and flu had me barfing and pooping and sweating the morning of the market. I thought I could push through it and tried….but at about 11am, 1 hour into it, I had to go home. Poor Sondra and Alison were left to it. Thanks you two for holding the fort and kicking some sales ASS. It was Alison's first market too and she sold a heap of stuff. I don't know if we were charmed, but sales were great. Oh and I'm sorry to have missed those of you that dropped by to say hello.

I'm working on the next market in 2 weeks time at the Town of Vincent. This one's less crafty so it'll be interesting to see how sales go. I also need to post out my back-tack.

If you jump out of your blog reader you'll see I've added a new list, just to the right titled "Tutorials I've created". Saves you guys from having to search for them, seems that's what a lot of you are looking for. I thought I'd make it easier and one day I'll get around to posting pdf versions.

Ok. Music? Loving The Weepies (shut it Jess, not cheesy drama intro music!) and also Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire" is doing it for me at the moment. Saucy. Happy Crafting!


to market

Hey! Thanks for the sweet comments on the last post. I've still got this damn cold/flu thing but feeling a lot better than what I was. Ted, he's doing ok, his legs are still giving him grief but he's not yelping, though I'm sure it hurts and we'll do whatever we need to get it fixed. We're off to see the surgeon next week, so fingers and pink bits crossed.

I've been working on product to take to the market and I'm getting there. The coasters and cards pictured in this post are some of the items I'm taking. I love these coasters, any excuse to use Liberty and linen together. Also, not the best picture, but I've rubber stamped my name on the back of them. The linen's a little coarse so it's not super clear.

Liberty criss cross coasters

What else? Not much, working and getting better, crafting and really hanging out for the 2 weeks off I have at Christmas with Sondra. Oh yes, thinking and working on my back-tack partner's goodies. I admit I was lacking in inspiration and ideas, but I cracked it today and I think I've hatched an idea of sorts. So PHEW to that.

Currently loving and listening to Fleet Foxes. Until next time, happy crafting!

Christmas cards bauble

Coaster stamped