to market

Hey! Thanks for the sweet comments on the last post. I've still got this damn cold/flu thing but feeling a lot better than what I was. Ted, he's doing ok, his legs are still giving him grief but he's not yelping, though I'm sure it hurts and we'll do whatever we need to get it fixed. We're off to see the surgeon next week, so fingers and pink bits crossed.

I've been working on product to take to the market and I'm getting there. The coasters and cards pictured in this post are some of the items I'm taking. I love these coasters, any excuse to use Liberty and linen together. Also, not the best picture, but I've rubber stamped my name on the back of them. The linen's a little coarse so it's not super clear.

Liberty criss cross coasters

What else? Not much, working and getting better, crafting and really hanging out for the 2 weeks off I have at Christmas with Sondra. Oh yes, thinking and working on my back-tack partner's goodies. I admit I was lacking in inspiration and ideas, but I cracked it today and I think I've hatched an idea of sorts. So PHEW to that.

Currently loving and listening to Fleet Foxes. Until next time, happy crafting!

Christmas cards bauble

Coaster stamped

11 thoughts on “to market

  1. Emma says:

    I hope you are feeling better soon! I have been sick all weekend and and home from work today with a yucky cold, it’s crappy! Also I hope everything goes well with your lovely little puppy’s legs ♥
    Oh and I love your coasters! I have made some like that, they are so fun. Your stamp looks great too – good luck for the market!
    PS. May I ask where you get your linen from? I’m having a hard time finding some.


  2. Kelli says:

    So glad to hear you are on the mend and little Teddy is seeing the doc soon. Your works up there are gorgeous! Best of luck with the market. I know I cherish my craftapalooza goodies. 🙂


  3. Miss Dot says:

    not so hey? thanks for saying hi on your way in or out of the loo, I found out later you had gone home sick! poor you! I went to visit Son after to make sure she was ok, she is so sweet I just wanted to squeeze her but didn’t want to frighten her off your stall 🙂 I was in a complete fluster when you came by so I hope I made sense? get well soon, pat Son on the back she did a great job stepping up to the table 🙂


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