happy holidays

I can't believe it's been 10 days since I last posted! What's been happening? Well we're sorta limping to the end of the year here at craftapalooza. The pinched nerve it's getting there, slowly, still  painful but improving. Ted had his first surgery to correct his luxated patella (grade 3 for those in the know) and we're now trying to keep him on room rest and short leash walks for the next 5 weeks. Can someone please tell him that he shouldn't leap onto sofa's when he's just had a couple of pins put into his leg bone. Silly pup.  He's recovering surprisingly well thank goodness which is a relief as we had no idea what to expect and didn't want him to be in pain. Sondra's also having some health issues at the moment which are causing her some pain, poor honey. So effectively we're the house of pain.

Aside from all of the above we're actually doing well and enjoying the beginning of our Christmas holidays. Though I'm frustrated with the lack of crafting, the neck/arm doesn't allow for much at the moment I have managed to do some Christmas baking and packaging. On the menu peppermint bark, vanilla snap biscuits and homemade vanilla marshmallows. The peppermint bark recipe I made up from several recipes I found online, the vanilla snaps and marshmallow recipes both come from Donna Hay.

Wishing you all safe and happy holidays. Thanks again for dropping by!

Christmas 2008 vanilla snaps packaging

Christmas 2008 peppermint bark

Christmas 2008 vanilla snaps 2


Hi! Well after 7 days of ridiculous pain the neck/arm seems to be settling down. Ironically the neck is the problem but it feels fine, it's the left arm that's copping the punishment. *Cough* after a week of physio we finally figure out that maybe the pillows I've been sleeping on are exacerbating the problem. Um yep seems that was it. Bought a contour pillow from the physio and it's been on the  up and up ever since. Don't worry the arm lets me know if I'm trying to do too much, you know like dry myself when I get out of the shower. Anyhooo, I highly recommend NOT ignoring neck/arm twinges and doing something about it before it gets nasty. I'm going sign up for some hatha yoga in the new year to get the body stronger.

No crafting and it's killing me. We bought a new Christmas tree that I love and Sondra did a rockin' job decorating it. See the little sheep ornament below? That's one of a pair from Mel, it's awesome. I will take more pictures of my BT loot soon and share with you. She made me the sweetest hat out of liberty and linen and a CUTE elephant pouch.

The calico pudding looking parcels are my work's Christmas "crackers" this year. Previous years I've made our crackers and this year they were supposed to be surprise balls, but my crepe paper wrapping skills suck, so these will be a "surprise" but more like at once, rather than unwrapping and getting surprises. They have all sorts in them, chocolate, novelty paperclips, balloons, stick on moustaches that are required to be worn at lunch and other fun stuff.

More pictures over at flickr. Hope you're all well and enjoying the festive season.

BT4 Baaaaaar


Not so much surprise balls

bt4 delivered

Well I'm still here, still on my back in friggin' pain, fed up? Over it? Yep? Moving along. Melissa's received her BT so I can now share some of it with you all.

First up, a set of scrabble tile pendants. These are addictive to make. I found these ones hard to part with! I love the black one, I used vintage paper lace from this etsy seller. I LOVE this stuff.

BT4 scrabble tile pendants

Then I made a couple of scarves using the Spool Sewing tutorial and some Kaffe shot cotton. Of course I can't not embellish so on one I've sewn on a line of sequins and the other a vintage doily.

BT4 shot cotton scarf doily

I bought some acorns from Casey's, once I figured out how to drill a hole in the top, I applied PVA craft glue to the bottoms and sprinkled them with some glitter. I love these and will be making more. Pictured below is some of the packaging, it's actually part of a tiered container from Ikea. The "joy" decoration is from Paper Boat Press, awesome stuff.

BT4 packaging inner 

BT4 packaging

And here's a full picture of the button wreath, this was definitely hard to part with. Lots of vintage buttons, mixed with new and the odd felt ball. The buckle is vintage shell and I used linen tape to hang it. So that's most of it. There's some more pictures over at flickr.

BT4 white button wreath

to market to market with my buddies

Enough of the woe is me (or WHOA is me, sorry private joke on me!) I'm still in bed with a naughty neck nerve, but it's getting there slowly. EDIT: Where are my manners? Thanks for the comments and emails on the last post 🙂 made me feel mucho better.

The market last weekend was awesome. Awesome friends, Alison and JessCAR and EVERYONE that came and visited and supported thank you. Awesome customers that purchased, awesome venue and mix of vendors and just stunning weather. Oh and yeah, AWESOME Sondra. She rocked, she's put up with me being sick, distracted with the market when I'm not at my day job, cleaned house and generally just been supportive and wonderful. She rocked the day, getting food, drinks, being an awesome money collecter, packaging person and being her usual cute self.

As I was sick for the first market I didn't get to spend any time with Alison. She was rocking sales with her car bags, button bobby pins and ponytail holders going off. I was her sales pimp, much easier I find to push someone elses product than your own. And Jess, well she was Jess. Those that have met her will know what I mean. Generous, funny, helpful and of course ROCKING the photography. All the images you see here were taken by her. Thanks sweetness. She also donated her pyrex to my cause and it worked a treat. The vintage patchworked top you see on the table was a gift from her for my birthday and I LOVE it. I saw a few customers eyeing it off and I was all protective of it 🙂 And of course, thanks to super cute Scott, who has tragically shaved of his MOvember, for lending us your Mrs!

I'll leave you with these stunning pics of my stuff and stall taken by Jess. Still don't know if I'll open an online shop, maybe I'll do it sporadically? Dunno. You can see bigger and more over at Flickr.




Ok universe, you win

Over the past 6 weeks you’ve given me the nastiest flu which hung around for oh 3 weeks or so. Then you gave me a little respite but decided this week you’d give me one hell of a dose of gastro. Which Sondra had to witness and required me bearing my sizeable ass to my GP for an injection to stop vomiting.

So you think that would be it. Noooo I get up out of bed last night at 6pm, you know after 2 days of my own personal gastro party and I get an excrutiating pain in my upper left arm. Not any old pain, a knock you down, take your breath away sorta pain. You bored of this? Yep, me too. Short ending. Manage to get to a physio who let’s me know I have a pinched nerve in my neck. No work for the rest of the week. So now I’m in bed typing this one handed on my phone with my right hand, I’m left handed, trying to stay as still as possible.

Score, universe 1, nicole 0.