to market to market with my buddies

Enough of the woe is me (or WHOA is me, sorry private joke on me!) I'm still in bed with a naughty neck nerve, but it's getting there slowly. EDIT: Where are my manners? Thanks for the comments and emails on the last post 🙂 made me feel mucho better.

The market last weekend was awesome. Awesome friends, Alison and JessCAR and EVERYONE that came and visited and supported thank you. Awesome customers that purchased, awesome venue and mix of vendors and just stunning weather. Oh and yeah, AWESOME Sondra. She rocked, she's put up with me being sick, distracted with the market when I'm not at my day job, cleaned house and generally just been supportive and wonderful. She rocked the day, getting food, drinks, being an awesome money collecter, packaging person and being her usual cute self.

As I was sick for the first market I didn't get to spend any time with Alison. She was rocking sales with her car bags, button bobby pins and ponytail holders going off. I was her sales pimp, much easier I find to push someone elses product than your own. And Jess, well she was Jess. Those that have met her will know what I mean. Generous, funny, helpful and of course ROCKING the photography. All the images you see here were taken by her. Thanks sweetness. She also donated her pyrex to my cause and it worked a treat. The vintage patchworked top you see on the table was a gift from her for my birthday and I LOVE it. I saw a few customers eyeing it off and I was all protective of it 🙂 And of course, thanks to super cute Scott, who has tragically shaved of his MOvember, for lending us your Mrs!

I'll leave you with these stunning pics of my stuff and stall taken by Jess. Still don't know if I'll open an online shop, maybe I'll do it sporadically? Dunno. You can see bigger and more over at Flickr.




4 thoughts on “to market to market with my buddies

  1. Claire says:

    I bought an apple pin cushion from you at the market and I love it! All of your things were very cute.
    I think you should have an etsy shop too.


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