bt4 delivered

Well I'm still here, still on my back in friggin' pain, fed up? Over it? Yep? Moving along. Melissa's received her BT so I can now share some of it with you all.

First up, a set of scrabble tile pendants. These are addictive to make. I found these ones hard to part with! I love the black one, I used vintage paper lace from this etsy seller. I LOVE this stuff.

BT4 scrabble tile pendants

Then I made a couple of scarves using the Spool Sewing tutorial and some Kaffe shot cotton. Of course I can't not embellish so on one I've sewn on a line of sequins and the other a vintage doily.

BT4 shot cotton scarf doily

I bought some acorns from Casey's, once I figured out how to drill a hole in the top, I applied PVA craft glue to the bottoms and sprinkled them with some glitter. I love these and will be making more. Pictured below is some of the packaging, it's actually part of a tiered container from Ikea. The "joy" decoration is from Paper Boat Press, awesome stuff.

BT4 packaging inner 

BT4 packaging

And here's a full picture of the button wreath, this was definitely hard to part with. Lots of vintage buttons, mixed with new and the odd felt ball. The buckle is vintage shell and I used linen tape to hang it. So that's most of it. There's some more pictures over at flickr.

BT4 white button wreath

13 thoughts on “bt4 delivered

  1. Emma says:

    That all looks amazing! The button wreath is absolutely gorgeous and the packaging with the tiered container looks lovely!
    Also I’d love to know where you got the linen tape. Or it is just some you made yourself? I still haven’t ordered any linen from that site you told me about but I was thinking about come projects today and I think I will have to get some of it soon!


  2. adrianne says:

    hi NV
    nice to see you last week…
    i have referred some lovely little ladies who love your scrabble tile pendants and want to know where to buy them, so expect some enquiries soon. hope the rest of the day went fabulously. 🙂


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