Hi! Well after 7 days of ridiculous pain the neck/arm seems to be settling down. Ironically the neck is the problem but it feels fine, it's the left arm that's copping the punishment. *Cough* after a week of physio we finally figure out that maybe the pillows I've been sleeping on are exacerbating the problem. Um yep seems that was it. Bought a contour pillow from the physio and it's been on the  up and up ever since. Don't worry the arm lets me know if I'm trying to do too much, you know like dry myself when I get out of the shower. Anyhooo, I highly recommend NOT ignoring neck/arm twinges and doing something about it before it gets nasty. I'm going sign up for some hatha yoga in the new year to get the body stronger.

No crafting and it's killing me. We bought a new Christmas tree that I love and Sondra did a rockin' job decorating it. See the little sheep ornament below? That's one of a pair from Mel, it's awesome. I will take more pictures of my BT loot soon and share with you. She made me the sweetest hat out of liberty and linen and a CUTE elephant pouch.

The calico pudding looking parcels are my work's Christmas "crackers" this year. Previous years I've made our crackers and this year they were supposed to be surprise balls, but my crepe paper wrapping skills suck, so these will be a "surprise" but more like at once, rather than unwrapping and getting surprises. They have all sorts in them, chocolate, novelty paperclips, balloons, stick on moustaches that are required to be worn at lunch and other fun stuff.

More pictures over at flickr. Hope you're all well and enjoying the festive season.

BT4 Baaaaaar


Not so much surprise balls

4 thoughts on “festiveness

  1. Fran says:

    So good to hear you’re finally feeling better. I can recommend Yoga – I am totally crap but still manage to enjoy it. I LOVE that little sheep! So sweet. xxx


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