cut, fuse, sew and stuff

Hi! I'm gearing up for Perth Upmarket in March. There's been a lot of cutting, fusing fabric, sewing and stuffing. LOTS of stuffing. I'm taking it slowly, no way I want to aggravate myself and get another pinched nerve. No way.

Like the pincushion display at the bottom? I had this cupcake display in the cupboard and it's perfect for these. Now I'm just deciding whether or not to make a banner for my stall. Lots of ideas have been floating around, one is to create it digitally and print it at Spoonflower. A little less manual in some ways and something else to get done after my day job in my "spare" time. I'm fortunate that Sondra is supportive and she picks up the slack at home whilst I'm stuffing, sewing etc. Doesn't hurt that she's super cute as well!

On that note, some more cuteness at the bottom of the post. Enjoy and happy crafting and if you're in the neighbourhood come say hi at the Perth Upmarket. Oh and there's a Brown Owls chapter starting in Perth, so if you're a crafty type, new or experienced join up and come on down. Details about the meet here and go over here to signup, you want faraway membership.

Apple orange close

Apple pincushion display


felt bunny, teatime print, felt pincushion.

13 thoughts on “cut, fuse, sew and stuff

  1. Kari says:

    Hi! I’d like to email you about a project I’m working on, but can’t use the auto-email button w/ my computer. Could you please write to me at the email I used to leave this comment? Thank you.


  2. Melissa says:

    Oh that’s so great. The whole post. The pincushions, that you’re feeling better, that Yay for Sondra, that your heading off to market again…Also snap with the Brown Owls. I’ve joined the Canberra chapter. Sounds like fun.


  3. Lacie Hawkins says:

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