supplies and storage

Sharing some of my supplies and storage ideas. I can be very untidy but at the same time I'm organised, everthing has a case or a space, it just might not always be put away.

Pins – these are pins I use for my stuffed apples, people LOVE the pins, ask where I get them and want to buy pins. I did have them all mushed together in a tin but it wasn't practical so I colour sorted them in this container, much more satisfying.


Ribbons – I have 3 of these cases, the other two are smaller and house linen trims and ric rac. This box has general ribbons. It's sorta organised, some pieces are carded, others wound around themselves and others just floating about. It's fun digging through looking for the right piece of ribbon.


Felt balls/beads – these make me happy, no reason why, they're just so satisfying to look at. Just started using them on my tape meaures as the "pull".

Felt beads

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