bleach discharge

After seeing Elizabeth's post on this technique I had to give it a go. If you want to do a quick crafty project, well aside from waiting for the finished job to finish in the washing machine, this is it. I did this one evening after work, lots of fun. I used 500mls of bleach to about 3 litres of water.

Top left Amy Butler, top right Liberty Tana Lawn, bottom left Tina Givens, bottom right Kaffe Fassett.
I really love what this has done to the Liberty and the Kaffe.

Head on over to flickr for bigger and clearer images.


thanks for the help

Hey! Thanks for the comments and suggestions on bags. Jury is still out. In search of inspiration I started leafing through my Japanese books and magazines. I came across something in an Oshare magazine that I'm trying out. I'm trying to created a layed/textured piece of fabric that I'll eventually use to sew a bag. I'll  have to scan or photograph the page, but for now you'll just have to be satisfied with this picture of the work in progress. Seems I'm having a case of photography EITTTS at the moment. Chi, you're the random winner, I'll be in touch.

Here's a list of the bags you guys suggested, some are free patterns.

The Purse Project – I forgot all about Barb's bag blog! Heaps of resources here.
Norico Handbag
Margaret Sling
Reversible Shoulder Bag
The Wren's bags – loving these!
Birdie Sling
Buttercup Bag

Work in progress - new bag

Hmmm don't like what Typepad's doing to pictures these days, must compress them?!?!

can you help?

Hope you all had a great Easter break, Sondra and I did. A little market, got to meet Kate and then we stayed with Son's family for the night. Son's mum knows how to make a fuss and cooks up a storm. Ted also loves her, mainly because she spoils him super rotten, she even let him sit on her recliner whilst she perched on the edge!

So….I'm ready for a new handbag. The one I'm currently using I sewed back in October 2007 and it's looking a little tired, even though I love it. Any current favourite patterns out there? It can be a free pattern or one I can buy, just need ideas, something I might not have seen. I quite like Anna Maria Horner's current bag patterns, but I'd need to adjust them to suit.

There's also Amy Butler's Frenchy or Betty Shopper, I like a bag I can sling over my shoulder and I'm one of those women that likes to lug a bunch of crap around with her. Oh and there's always the hobo.

Leave me a comment linking to your recommendation and I might be able to dig out a late Easter gift for one of you. Yep, I'm wh*ring for comments people!


happy easter!

Hi ya'll! I had big plans to share an Easter theme tutorial but I was waylaid, blah, blah, you know what it's like. So you'll just have to be happy with a picture. Next year I'll post it, it's for a Babushkabun Egg Cosy.


What else? Ummm well seems I've been head down bum up market preparing, I promise to myself and you all some interesting content here soon.

You guys seen the Japanese masking tape?!?! Friggin stunning. I found some at this etsy seller and there are others. It's made from washi paper, you can write on it, wrap presents with it….lots of stuff and it's too yummy. Picture, Wendy Story.

Wendy story

In the meantime have a safe and relaxing Easter break and see you on the flip side! xo