can you help?

Hope you all had a great Easter break, Sondra and I did. A little market, got to meet Kate and then we stayed with Son's family for the night. Son's mum knows how to make a fuss and cooks up a storm. Ted also loves her, mainly because she spoils him super rotten, she even let him sit on her recliner whilst she perched on the edge!

So….I'm ready for a new handbag. The one I'm currently using I sewed back in October 2007 and it's looking a little tired, even though I love it. Any current favourite patterns out there? It can be a free pattern or one I can buy, just need ideas, something I might not have seen. I quite like Anna Maria Horner's current bag patterns, but I'd need to adjust them to suit.

There's also Amy Butler's Frenchy or Betty Shopper, I like a bag I can sling over my shoulder and I'm one of those women that likes to lug a bunch of crap around with her. Oh and there's always the hobo.

Leave me a comment linking to your recommendation and I might be able to dig out a late Easter gift for one of you. Yep, I'm wh*ring for comments people!


31 thoughts on “can you help?

  1. Veronica Darling says:

    I don’t have any suggestions unfortunately, but I am in the same position as you! My vintage red bag at the moment is annoying cause I have too many things in it and it never shuts. So I’ll check in later to see if there’s any more suggestions (while I go and check out your links above!)


  2. Barb says:

    There are some fun patterns on Super Buzzy. In fact I keep meaning to blog about those on my purse blog. You can always make a bag for my purse challenge!


  3. jen says:

    hi n, happy easter…i have made amy’s betty shopper and that is a big sized bag. i needed to add some internal pockets though as the phone and keys etc kept gettting lost as it is so deep. its quick and easy to make…


  4. mary grace says:

    have you seen the pattern for the buttercup bag floating around cyberspace? it might be a bit too small for your liking (as it was for mine) but you may be able to alter the pattern a bit to get it to be a size more to your liking. best of luck! 🙂


  5. sooz says:

    I don’t know that I can help – I tend to make my bags up from the pockets out. A triumph of function over form. Nikki over at you sew girl has an extensive range of patterns – if I was looking I’d probably look there. I totally love the most recent bag I made, which was really easy and works very well for me. In large part I think it is my best bag yet because I used the best interfacing I’ve ever used (from Nikki’s online shop) – who would have thought the interfacing would make such a difference?! My second favourite bag has really good Japanese hammer on handles and you can get these at Studio Mio which is also very good. So that didn’t help at all did it?!


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