thanks for the help

Hey! Thanks for the comments and suggestions on bags. Jury is still out. In search of inspiration I started leafing through my Japanese books and magazines. I came across something in an Oshare magazine that I'm trying out. I'm trying to created a layed/textured piece of fabric that I'll eventually use to sew a bag. I'll  have to scan or photograph the page, but for now you'll just have to be satisfied with this picture of the work in progress. Seems I'm having a case of photography EITTTS at the moment. Chi, you're the random winner, I'll be in touch.

Here's a list of the bags you guys suggested, some are free patterns.

The Purse Project – I forgot all about Barb's bag blog! Heaps of resources here.
Norico Handbag
Margaret Sling
Reversible Shoulder Bag
The Wren's bags – loving these!
Birdie Sling
Buttercup Bag

Work in progress - new bag

Hmmm don't like what Typepad's doing to pictures these days, must compress them?!?!

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