current obsession – english piecing

I posted back in September last year that I wanted to try English piecing. Lately lots of hexagons have been popping up on flickr. I love this tutorial for making the hexagons, however instead of whip stitching them together I'm going to try turning*turning's method of ladder stitching them together. Much easier than trying to catch a few threads and hopefully a seamless result. I have a fantasy in my head of making a hexagon quilt from my scraps, definitely a long term project.

Paper piecing

I'm still working on the handbag, just stalled at the moment, I've been crocheting up a storm on my granny quilt. Instead of a granny-a-day like Pip, I'm just grannying until I can't granny no more or until I'm happy with the dimensions of the blanket. I did attempt to teach the Brown Owls how to crochet, but I'm not the most patient of teachers *cough* ripping out one of your students work is not very teacher like (sorry Justine!), AND I crochet left handed. I knit right handed. Go figure. Aside from that it was lots of fun. Feli posted some pictures over here, you can see my blankie, I'm hiding behind the purple and blue square.

I sewed a little boy a 2nd birthday quilt last week. A very quick, over in 3 nights sort of quilt. Will get my act together and post pictures.

I'll leave you with a link to a local burger joint that's recently opened. It rocks. Awesome environment, great food and super service. Go check out jus burgers. Delish.

11 thoughts on “current obsession – english piecing

  1. sooz says:

    When I was in year 8 at school we were all required to do a piece of english piecing and I grew up believing it was the only kind of patchwork there was. I made a cushion of interlocking diamonds and squares and seem to recall I did quite well, which at the time surprised everyone. I think it is hilarious it is coming into fashion again – I can now claim full old fogie status…


  2. Simon says:

    Hi – it is worth the hassle – I am loving my Hexagon project and as I don’t have a stash of scraps (tho that is changing) I have been buying 1/16 and 1/14 to make mine…
    Cant wait to see the result…


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