Sondra and I went down to see her parents in Dardanup this weekend for a Mother's Day whirlwind visit. Fun, but the just over 2 hour drive home always seems longer than it actually is. I madly crochet my MIL Jill a scarf using this by Woolly Wormhead pattern as a foundation, for the 3rd row I did two trebles into the same space and 2 chains in between, sort of gave it a picot edge. I didn't take a camera so no pictures. It was pretty you'll have to trust me, crochet using Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed, in Spain colourway.

I do have pictures of the quilt made over three nights a couple of weeks ago for a little friend's birthday. The front is patchworked with an appliqued skull and cross bone, he's a pirate lover, it's backed with some white zig zag chenille and tied. I bagged it, so no binding was needed. I think the recipient will get some good nap and snuggling time out of it.


Looking forward to the Craft and Quilt Fair later this week and seeing the Amitie ladies. I'll be heading down Thursday morning for a good gander. I'm also gearing up for Perth Upmarket on 7th June. We're having an offer on the day, every purchase over $30 goes into a draw to win over $65 of craftapalooza goodness. It will be drawn on the day at 3pm.

LOVING this Liberty garter over at the Purl Bee. Sondra and I are planning a committment ceremony late this year and I think this would be perfectly unconventional for me. Ok, I'm off to bed, happy crafting! x

17 thoughts on “ahoy!

  1. Kate says:

    Great quilt! Convinced Chris to take Friday off so I can go to the Craft Fair. 2 trips to perth with children in 2 weeks – hope it is worth it!


  2. Vintagesquirrel says:

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. You are quite talented, I see. My boys (I have 3!) would just love your pirate-themed quilt. Thanks a bunch for leaving comments, as I can tell that people visit, but am so very appreciative when they take the time to leave a comment (or two!)


  3. di says:

    Hey congrats on your commitment plans! That’s exciting news- it’s an amazing thing to share your commitment to another person with good friends and everyone else who is important to you. Congratulations to you both and good luck with the planning. I imagine that wonderful food will be involved…


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