the ugly good blanket

Finishing up this beast. Not quite a beast, but a very toasty lap blanket. Hexagons crochet using Attic 24's tutorial, joined after I had finished them not as I went, as I wanted to see how the colouring came out from each ball and sort them. Sorta. I love Noro yarns. This yarn is pretty forgiving, making it very easy to create the hexagons from the same yarn and not joining in any other colours. Nice and easy. They also crochet pretty quickly. The name of the blanket? I was showing Sondra, you know, wanting her to tell me how great it was and wasn't I clever and she looks at and says, with a look of confusion, "it's good bubs, but you know it's sorta ugly, but it's good, it's good". Funny. More details at Ravelry.

Taiyo hexagons sewing up blog 

Stack of taiyo hexagons blog

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