sunday stash

I'm a late to this group but figured what the heck I'll play too. After seeing Sarah's post on her fabric covered mouse mat I'd been obsessing about Suzuko Koseki fabrics. She's also the author of several awesome patchwork books. Link. Googling, looking on Etsy, I finally cracked it. Cottons & Linens in Singapore has quite a range, it's worth checking out the rest of the site. Their website is deceptively large so dig through and you'll find other yumminess. Link. The red fabric is Suzuko, the left Yuwa. Superbuzzy also has some Suzuko and you can get lucky on Etsy if you look regularly.

The fabric in the second picture is also from the Cottons & Linens site and is by Lecien. Check out other Sunday Stashers and also the flickr group.

Yuwa and suzuko blog 


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