5th blog birthday!

Holy crap! The 27th June was my 5th blog birthday. 5 years! An accomplishment I think. I'm impressed that I've stuck with it. I'll admit before Sondra (BS let's say!) the blog was a pretty major part of my life, but these days it's not as important. I still love it, love the feedback, love reading other blogs, love that it pushes me to try new things, given me some great opportunities, that I've met some pretty damn awesome people, but it's not as much of a priority as it has been in the past. My life with Sondra is my priority and the 3 fur kids we have. Crazy times, but good times. Anywho. That doesn't mean I don't love you all and I love craftapalooza, I'm probably explaining in a roundabout way why I'm not as frequent here as I have been previously.

So, here's to another 5! AND thank you. Thank you for dropping by and commenting, or lurking. I appreciate that you stop by. The pictures? Well that's my blog birthday cupcake with my Small Object celebration candle kid with no candle, yep I am prepared. Oh and yeah why not give away some apple pincushions, 5 of course. Leave a comment and leave a link to one of your favourite blog reads, it doesn't have to be a crafty blog, any blog that is one of your must reads. We'll draw it in the next 5 or so days. Good luck and thank again!



44 thoughts on “5th blog birthday!

  1. Melissa says:

    Happy 5th blog birthday!! I kind of think my blog is a must read (LOL, yeah right). But after browsing my google reader, it seems that I share the most articles from Homegrown Evolution (http://www.homegrownevolution.com/) — it’s not a crafty blog, but if you’re into DIY stuff, it’s really great and informative.
    Looks like you have all the good craft blogs listed in your sidebar anyway!


  2. Ali D says:

    Happy fifth blog-i-versary! I have so many crafty blogs I read, but I always learn a lot from Elizabeth at <.”>http://www.ohfransson.com/oh_fransson/&gt;. Here are a few non-crafty blogs that I enjoy. Lindsay’s food blog <“>http://lindsaysfoodblog.blogspot.com/&gt; is on a brief break, but she has fabulous vegetarian recipes. Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors <“>http://journal.neilgaiman.com/&gt; – Blueberry Girl is such a sweet children’s story, and his novel The Graveyard Book won this year’s Newbery Medal.


  3. Rachel Weston says:

    Happy blogiversary! I’m coming up on 5 years next month, too and I understand how life changes along with the blog. You were one of my first favorites and always an inspiration. xoxo


  4. amy says:

    happy blogiversary!
    i totally understand the partner thing. when i was selling my clothing line, i always slowed down when i started dating someone new, and i stopped doing it entirely after my ex and i got together. there’s just other stuff going on! and honestly, sometimes it boils down to the reality of sex vs. sewing, you know?!
    i really really love queering domesticity, which you probably already read. http://www.queeringdomesticity.com/ meaghan writes such important posts of things that so totally need to be said and discussed in the crafting community, and she does it in such and open and non-confrontational way, i’m always so impressed! plus, she makes amazing shit, and eye candy’s always nice!


  5. Cristy says:

    Happy 5th blogoversary! Aside from the big names (of which I’m sure you’ve heard), I really enjoy Poppy, Bean, and Bloss (my sister-in-law’s blog). She makes the most gorgeous dolls.


  6. Tania says:

    Five years is well impressive. I’m not surprised there’s a need for mini sabbaticals in the mix.
    http://www.rummage.typepad.com is my vote. Excellent for a crafty moment as well as a chortle. And I’d be delighted if you stuck around yourself for another five. Happy bloggy birthday!


  7. Rebecca says:

    Hello and Happy Blog Birthday!!! I am a fellow WA blogger and have always loved reading yours – and your crafty creations are fabulous!! One of my other favourite blogs to read is One Little Acorn at http://one-little-acorn.blogspot.com/
    Lots of wise words to be read and funny pictures to enjoy! See you at the next MOTL!! Hurrah! πŸ˜€


  8. Sonja, Queen of Crafts says:

    Hey – am on a hunt for great craft blogs and just found yours. Those apples are gorgeous. But I have to confess I am even more taken by the little pins in them. I might try and recreate that…
    Good luck and look forward to seeing more posts from you!
    Greet’s from the other side of the globe!


  9. donna says:

    Your apples are so cute. I have seen lots of pears, but not as many apples. I seem to find lots of inspiration at http://annamariahorner.blogspot.com/
    She is always very real, honest and sometimes says the things we are all thinking (plus she is an awesome designer).
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


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