I got hex fever. So when I saw Dearfii's hexagon flower brooch kit and I was a goner. Kit arrived and I was too busy to do it, so straight after the last market I picked it up and finished this little baby in 2 nights. Super sweet, super quick and I love it. AND it's itty bitty, it's about 7cm in width.

Hexagon flower brooch blog 

Thought you all might like to see a current picture of Miss Pigs. She's now nine months and the cheekiest, nutter of a cat I've ever owned. Both Sondra and I find her hilarious and exasperating at times, but she's very lovable and her other furry siblings enjoy having her around. She keeps them on their toes 🙂

Piggie 9 months blog

sunday stash 5

Firstly, just a quick hi to any customers from Sunday's Made on the Left market. Great to meet new people and awesome to have some of you come back again!

I know, it's Wednesday, but I wanted to keep this going. So here's Sunday Stash. This week fabrics have a lace/doily theme. I have a thing for prints with lace and/or doily print. LOVE it. These 3 are Japanese fabrics from various places. Etsy and Reprodepot Fabrics. More stashers and flickr group.

Sunday stash 5 gingham lace blog 

Sunday stash 5 doily lace blog 

Sunday stash 5 deer lace 2 blog 

Sunday stash 5 deer lace blog

AND I'm participating in Doll Quilt Swap 7. Eeep. I've been lurking at my recipients blog and flickr and had better get cracking on this. I think I have an idea!

I'll leave you with a link to Poppytalk's series "70 reasons to buy handmade + vintage". Link.


I've been craving granola recently and a little interwebs research led me to boogaj's recipe. My tweaks: cashews, almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds and at the last 20 minutes of cooking  I added chopped dried apricots and cranberries. I also used organic oats and omitted the wheat germ oh and the cardamom, not a fan, I went overboard with the organic cinnamon instead. Can I say, DELISH. DEVINE. So yummy with natural yoghurt or just a handful as a snack.


sunday stash 4

Hi! Good weekend? It's Sunday evening and Sondra and I are watching the Masterchef finale. Go Julie! I'm snapping stash pictures in bad indoor lighting and Son's got her own little crafty sweatshop happening. She's making the sweetest button magnets for next weekend's Made on the Left. We'll be there Sunday.

On to the stash. This week some of my Liberty Tana Lawn. I'm slowly building a nice little pile of this delicious fabric. For those that have never felt this fabric, you're missing out. It has the yummiest, softest hand and the prints are so varied there's bound to be something everyone likes. Sondra's parents are on a European jaunt at the moment and I believe there was a trip to Liberty in London. EEP! Here's a snippet of my stash. Where to buy? In Australia Amitie have a large range, as do Calico and Ivy, Patchwork on Central Park and here in Perth is a gorgeous little store Materialise (no web prescence), she has a whopping Liberty range. More stashers and flickr.




craaaazy crochet

Finito! Gift for the boss lady's birthday at my day job. The deets, I think I got the pattern "wrong" as I think the edges are supposed to have little bubble bits. AND I can't find the pattern I used, but here's a link to crazy crochet stitch. I kinda like it. Crochet using Debbie Bliss Silk, 2 skeins. I used every little bit and had just enough for the tassels. It crochet up pretty quickly and the silk was a dream, it just slid through my fingers. DOH Just looked at my Ravelry and found the neckie I made last year using this pattern and it has the scolloped edges. Link to Ravelry.

Crazy crochet scarf blog

Crazy crochet blog

sunday stash 3

This week I bring you my apple obsession. I don't know how/why it came about, I know I just have it. It extends itself past fabric and spills into tape measures, jewellery, wooden apples, ceramic apples (new to me, thanks Al), plastic Richard Scary apples and Tupperware apple containers. Here you see my apple print stash with the view to one day doing a themed apple print quilt. A bit cheesy? Too bad. Apples in print make me smile. Other stashers and the flickr group. Oh and the 2 apple prints right at the bottom of this post are scraps that I have left of two of my favourite prints that I cannot find more of anywhere. If anyone sees any for sale or has some for swapping 🙂 drop me an email!

Sunday stash 3 apples blog 

Sunday stash 3 mini apples blog 

Sunday stash 3 white apples blog 

Sunday stash 3 sandy apples blog Sunday stash 3 mixed apples blog

Sunday stash 3 japanese apples blog 

Sunday stash linen apples blog 

Sunday stash mixed linen blog 

Sunday stash reds blog 

Sunday stash 3 apple scraps blog