sunday stash 3

This week I bring you my apple obsession. I don't know how/why it came about, I know I just have it. It extends itself past fabric and spills into tape measures, jewellery, wooden apples, ceramic apples (new to me, thanks Al), plastic Richard Scary apples and Tupperware apple containers. Here you see my apple print stash with the view to one day doing a themed apple print quilt. A bit cheesy? Too bad. Apples in print make me smile. Other stashers and the flickr group. Oh and the 2 apple prints right at the bottom of this post are scraps that I have left of two of my favourite prints that I cannot find more of anywhere. If anyone sees any for sale or has some for swapping πŸ™‚ drop me an email!

Sunday stash 3 apples blog 

Sunday stash 3 mini apples blog 

Sunday stash 3 white apples blog 

Sunday stash 3 sandy apples blog Sunday stash 3 mixed apples blog

Sunday stash 3 japanese apples blog 

Sunday stash linen apples blog 

Sunday stash mixed linen blog 

Sunday stash reds blog 

Sunday stash 3 apple scraps blog

19 thoughts on “sunday stash 3

  1. Belinda says:

    My favourite are the modern apples 4th from the bottom. I’ve only got a little left of the cream background. Did you buy it recently? I’ve seen the other colourways on Etsy but not the cream. I’ve got some of the red with white apples, I’m not sure if I have enough to part with I’ll check and let you know. The red and green with spot is divine!


  2. suse says:

    Did I send you a knitted apple once? It sounds familiar but now I’m not sure …
    And have a I ever told you that I use that apple bookmark (from the blogmeet years ago)


  3. says:

    i am an apple lovers.
    i just wonder that do u sell all this apple fabrics? i would realy interesed to buy it all.


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