I got hex fever. So when I saw Dearfii's hexagon flower brooch kit and I was a goner. Kit arrived and I was too busy to do it, so straight after the last market I picked it up and finished this little baby in 2 nights. Super sweet, super quick and I love it. AND it's itty bitty, it's about 7cm in width.

Hexagon flower brooch blog 

Thought you all might like to see a current picture of Miss Pigs. She's now nine months and the cheekiest, nutter of a cat I've ever owned. Both Sondra and I find her hilarious and exasperating at times, but she's very lovable and her other furry siblings enjoy having her around. She keeps them on their toes 🙂

Piggie 9 months blog

6 thoughts on “hex

  1. chase says:

    Ooh, the hex flower is so cute, and so were those little button flowers you posted a bit ago. And of course your kitty rivals both of them in cuteness!


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