doll quilt swap 7 – finished

Well, almost. It just needs a label on the back. I think I enjoyed piecing all the hexagons together more than actually finishing this.

The deets, hand pieced hexagons, these are tiny. Overall finished hexagon flowers are about 2.5 inches across. They're machine top sewn onto a linen back and I then machine sewed 2 different hexagon sizes around the hex ring. The back is one piece. Machine sewn binding on the top and hand sewn down on the back. Done. 🙂 Overall dimensions about 12 x 12 inches. Hoping my swap recipient can "embrace the wonk", a term Sooz recently introduced me too, enjoy it's colourful charm and overlook some of the fine detail.

Doll quilt swap blog and flickr group, there are also notes about the fabrics used on this picture at my flickr.



doll quilt swap 7 – updated

Slowly getting there, here's 8 of the 9 hexagons. I have 1 more to make, then it's on to quilting them. Somehow! Doll quilt swap blog.


On a different note, have you seen "Parasol" by Yasmin? The first craft issue is out and it's delicious. Do yourself a favour and get one.

AND Miss Piggie AKA the bath plug stealer, says hi! Yep, I caught her running out of the bathroom with something in her mouth, when we finally caught her it was the damn bath plug!! Hilarious.

Miss Piggie AKA bath plug stealer

sunday stash 9

HA! It's Sunday, means Sunday Stash and I'm not bloody late. Here we have a little of the much hunted down "Lush" by Erin Michael. Like lots of others out there I wish I'd bought more. I do have some of the other prints in the range, but this one is a favourite. What's not to love, paint by numbers and forest critters!!


Other stashers and flickr.

crafty project wish list

I can't speak for you other crafters but I know for myself I always have a list in my head of projects and techniques I'd like to try. I'm going to put them here as a reminder, I'll update it every now and then when I get a bug up my butt and frustrated by the lack of finished projects. Feel free to do the same, leave a link if you do, just in case I want to add any of your projects to my list!

  • Quilt! Which quilt, ANY quilt. Start and finish one for us.
  • Place mats, I have ideas for place mats for us. I want to make a set for us to use on a daily basis. I want them to be fun, have embroidery, screen printing, ric rac, doilies, english piecing….you get the idea, too many ideas.
  • Finish the patchwork cushions for the living room.
  • Keep up with the Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM by Amitie. I'm hand sewing it as recommended, call it madness. Below is my first block "Wedding Chain".
  • Finish crocheting the 3, yes THREE blankets I have on the go.

I'm sure there's more projects, I just can't remember them now.


sunday stash 8

Late again. This time some reproduction prints from Windham Fabrics, the Sunbonnet Sue Collection. I'm a sucker for a reproduction print, particularly small scale, which I think most of them are? Anyhow. I like it. Who wouldn't, camels AND elephants! Excuse the late night lit by computer monitor picture. Ok, off to watch Hung. Stashers and flickr.