DQS7 update

A little peek at the progress of my doll quilt for DQS7. I think my plan is final. Hand pieced hexagons on a shot cotton grid. They're itty bitty hexes using the templates from my DearFii pin, a little fiddly and a challenge to keep neat, but slow and steady. I'm using a mixture of Japanese novelties, 1930's reproduction, Liberty Tana Lawn, vintage and modern prints.



5 thoughts on “DQS7 update

  1. marné says:

    Now I’m kicking myself for not joining DQS7. Shot cotton and hexagons are two of my favorite things at the moment. I think it’s going to be so great!


  2. theaxx says:

    I’m DYING to make a baby hexagon quilt!!! Are they as fun as they look, oh my fingers just itch at the prospects!
    Love your blog by the way, and LOVE your craft and fabric choices… am I going on too much?
    A fan anyhow 🙂


  3. katie says:

    put 5 hexagons in a row on each flower and they will magically fit together if you put them all in the same direction. Try it!


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