sunday stash 7

Here we go, late again. This week a print I've had for a few years now. I have no particular use for it, I just love it. Other stashers and the flickr group.


And now for some random pet humiliation. Little Miss Piggie is the queen of knocking stuff off shelves and then flicking it under cabinets, yep, useful. So now, whenever she does she gets to wear the "crochet cap of shame". She's loving it isn't she :)  Sondra couldn't get her to be still so out of focus will have to do.


14 thoughts on “sunday stash 7

  1. jodi says:

    That’s absolutely hilarious! Poor kitty…
    My Kylie Cat gets terribly embarrassed if anyone watches her while she plays with her bell ball or sees her do anything clutzy. She doesn’t even need a crochet hat o’ shame!


  2. mo says:

    “Crochet cap of shame” SO FUNNY!!! I have those numbers in two colorways and I love them- I hate to use them because then they will be gone.


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