psst, shop is open

Hi! I know, I missed Sunday Stash again. I have a good excuse, I was busy uploading products and stuffing around at the online shop. Yep, I've done it. Check it out. I wont give you a barrage of posts here about it, but every now and then I'll let you know about new developments or I'll just try and flog you stuff. Or you can sign up to the general mailing list below.

In this process, I've also redelegated the domain to the shop, so if you had the blog as this link, sorry. The link for the blog

Thanks in advance to those of you that have been super supportive and the lovey's that have shopped in the past 24 hours! AND big smooches go to my friend Katja for rockin' the design, she's friggin' awesome.

Ok, next up, Sunday Stash!

Sign me up to the general craftapalooza mailing list. You details will never be resold/shared or given to those pesky spammer dudes.



Craftapalooza - shop

9 thoughts on “psst, shop is open

  1. Cherry says:

    Your shop is wonderful. I’ve wanted to try out the apple pattern for ages now and today I bought a copy and two fabric packs! Can’t wait to see how lovely they are. Thanks, Cherry x


  2. Claire says:

    Congratulations on the shop, everything looks so amazing! I bought an apple and can’t wait to receive it. It’s going to look so pretty on my new craft room shelves.


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