crafty project wish list

I can't speak for you other crafters but I know for myself I always have a list in my head of projects and techniques I'd like to try. I'm going to put them here as a reminder, I'll update it every now and then when I get a bug up my butt and frustrated by the lack of finished projects. Feel free to do the same, leave a link if you do, just in case I want to add any of your projects to my list!

  • Quilt! Which quilt, ANY quilt. Start and finish one for us.
  • Place mats, I have ideas for place mats for us. I want to make a set for us to use on a daily basis. I want them to be fun, have embroidery, screen printing, ric rac, doilies, english piecing….you get the idea, too many ideas.
  • Finish the patchwork cushions for the living room.
  • Keep up with the Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM by Amitie. I'm hand sewing it as recommended, call it madness. Below is my first block "Wedding Chain".
  • Finish crocheting the 3, yes THREE blankets I have on the go.

I'm sure there's more projects, I just can't remember them now.


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