washi masking tape pendants

I admit to having a thing for Japanese washi masking tape, any excuse to use it.

It's all over Etsy and for any Aussies that want to buy locally, Lark Handmade sell it. I'll also have some available at October and November markets.

Playing around I made scrabble tile pendants using the tapes and I love how they came out, if I do say so myself. I've listed them in the shop if you're interested!


sunday stash 14

Howdy! This week brings some Japanese fabrics that have lived in the stash over two years, I think two of them came from Calico & Ivy and the first fabric pictured from Reprodepot. Other stashers and flickr group.

The gocco printed kokeshi moleskine and card at the end of the post are going up in the shop later today.







Just a little snippet from a project that will be published later this year. That's all I can say for now.

Bit quiet here this week. It could be the thought of gearing up to cut out, fuse, sew and stuff 100 apple pincushions for October. Thanks too for those of you that have shopped. Mucho appreciated. I have some new scrabble tile pendants in the works that I'm going to put up at the website first. See what you guys think.

I'm looking forward to getting my mitts on some of Rosalie Quinlan's new fabric range too, delish.

Ok, over and out, happy crafting!



sunday stash 13

This week a metre of Liberty Tana Lawn from my lady, a surprise from Amitie.

Other stashers and flickr group.

Hoping to get a tutorial up in the next few weeks for a button wreath like the ones I've made here and here. A few of you have asked over the past year so I'll write something up.

Happy crafting!

the quilt project – finito

It was a roller coaster of a ride! I had my initial idea and carefully chalked out my square, screen printed the doily pattern on…..here's where it went pear shaped. Went to heat set the ink and friggin' scorched the fabric, badly. I NEVER do that sort of thing. But of course the one time I have ONE piece of fabric I do it. So google I go. Tried various things and well, I ended up with this hot mess, see the lovely white areas around my print. Nice.


Yep, I had a crafty brain fart. So I was about to email Kirsty and say "dude I'm out". But I had a post Perth Upmarket delirious crafty brain wave. A little applique and bob's your uncle. I had to change the screen print and now we have buttons. I ran out of time for photo's and my lighting is bad, these will have to do as I had to put this in the mail yesterday.


Quilt project-detail

Quilt project tea

sunday stash 12

Yep, I know it's Wednesday. Anyhow. Try this on for size. All from Reprodepot's awesome collectible section. Thanks to all the peeps that came out to Perth Upmarket this past Sunday, it was a fabulous day! I'm hoping to have an online shop update with some apples and some screenprinted goodies in the next week or two.

Sunday stash 12-blog 

Other stashers and the flickr. Ok. Over and out! Have a great day.