BOTM madness

I saw Jenny's Green Tea and Sweet Beans block of the month quilt and knew that I had to join. Complete, hand pieced, madness. I've almost leapt on the sewing machine a couple of times, but I'm trying to persevere and am enjoying the hand piecing for the most part. Below are 3 of 16 finished propeller blocks. Only 13 more to go :) 


I figured an undertaking like this needed a kit of sorts. I'm a little like Kirsty and need to have all my supplies ordered for a project. Here's my kit. a folder with plastic sleeves, keeps work in progress in one place, I can store finished blocks, fabric and notes. I think the pictures explain…

Folder cover.


Worksheets/notes supplied by Jenny.

GTSB - Worksheets blog

Excess fabric, offcuts and block pieces.


Finished blocks.


Fabric for blocks.


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