the quilt project – finito

It was a roller coaster of a ride! I had my initial idea and carefully chalked out my square, screen printed the doily pattern on…'s where it went pear shaped. Went to heat set the ink and friggin' scorched the fabric, badly. I NEVER do that sort of thing. But of course the one time I have ONE piece of fabric I do it. So google I go. Tried various things and well, I ended up with this hot mess, see the lovely white areas around my print. Nice.


Yep, I had a crafty brain fart. So I was about to email Kirsty and say "dude I'm out". But I had a post Perth Upmarket delirious crafty brain wave. A little applique and bob's your uncle. I had to change the screen print and now we have buttons. I ran out of time for photo's and my lighting is bad, these will have to do as I had to put this in the mail yesterday.


Quilt project-detail

Quilt project tea

18 thoughts on “the quilt project – finito

  1. Cherry says:

    I had the same issue with an iron mark on my square… Why do these things happen on the pieces that are most important! I covered up the mark with ribbon and in the end it made the piece better. Certainly paniced at the time though!


  2. dilly dalley Melissa says:

    i love that red work quilt and you know before I read your post, I saw the whole quilt as a link through Loobylu and the teapot square really caught my eye. Now I know why! Very clever. And what an interesting story about the save. You reminded me that not only is each square beautiful and unique, each square has it’s own interesting creative story.


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