hi and bye

Just dropping in to say hi and bye. Off to a retreat with my lady for the weekend. Got movies, food, a spa and that's about it. Oh a little crafting will creep in too. Nanny's coming to stay with the fur kids.

Added a bunch-o-apples to the shop if you're interested and there are also gift vouchers.

Have a good one, I know I will!


1. fishy, 2. apple stripe, 3. gingham strawb, 4. red polka, 5. measured tea, 6. pink stripe, 7. yellow dream, 8. sprinkly duck, 9. pink flower, 10. blue strawb
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the quilt project

Kirsty put a call out on her blog for participants in a redwork project that would end up as a quilt that would be displayed and then disassembled. The end result is amazing! An awesome collection of redwork from around the globe. She also put together a fabulous website so those of us too far to travel can get a look at it. Here's my post about my square and The Quilt Project's website, go and check it out, particularly the digital quilt which allows you to see each square and ready about the creators idea. Thanks again Kirsty.


little market day

Distracted Little Market Day went down a treat. BUT. There is a but. All of a sudden Perth decided it was summer and bought a 32C day with little wind. BLOODY hot when you're sitting under a tent! Aside from that AND the road closures people came and shopped and Jessica was awesome AND Natalie organised a wonderful day.

Poor Sondra didn't have as good a day, she had one of those sitting in the sun and not selling a whole bunch kinda market days. Makes it hard. But live and learn, we just won't be doing Subiaco next year.

Pictures? I cheekily handed J-CARR the camera and asked if she'd take photos of the stall and she did. Lovely as usual. Ta again J. I hope to also get some finished apples into the online shop this week.


silent community

Ok, we can officially say I'm sucking at Blogtoberfest! Onwards and upwards…

These guys? What do you think they're thinking? I reckon they're all murmuring to each other, they know they're going to be stuffed into a suitcase, getting handled all day and hopefully going off to homes today. Any left I'll stick in the online shop.


friday flickr favourites

We can just pretend that I missed yesterday for Blogtoberfest can't we? I thought about it and then was distracted by finishing stuff for this Sunday. Then, I saw Tam's blog and I'm all "yep I'll get on that bandwagon"! So check out some of my favourites. Show us yours, join in here. If you want to see these larger, head on over to flickr.


1. prettys, 2. ∩∩, 3. New Tattoo., 4. paper flowers, 5. Button play., 6. underpants jam band, 7. Daylight Plate Pix, 8. Little Lasses, 9. little garden pin cushion
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This week I am feeling it. WHIPPED. My own doing. Two markets equals double the EEK factor. I always get nervous in the tummy just before a market, but usually the day before, not bloody 4 days before!

So this Sunday you'll be able to find me and Jessica at Little Market Day and Sondra and Jill (her mum) at the Subiaco Craft Fair, details about road closures for the Subiaco market and alternative routes (scroll down the page a little to see the wall post). 

This picture? A whole lotta scrabble tile pendants waiting to have their bails attached, a job for the Mrs 🙂


mixtape zine – issue 11

Mixtape Zine issue 11 is available now for pre-order. Get in quick, limited edition and new square format and it's full of goodness. It's also has my first ever article about stashing! So, yep, I have a vested interest in it…kidding peeps. Seriously though, Justine does a rocking job and it's an awesome zine. She did an interview with Sister D over at Craft Sanity a while back, it's definitely worth a listen.  LOVING the cover of this issue, artwork by Gemma Jones.

On serious iTunes rotation at the moment is the Peter Yorn, Scarlett Johansson collaboration. AND have you seen Sarah's paper chandelier! Talk about make your eyes bleed with envy! Now I HAVE to make one of these. Ok, back to it, have a great crafty day.