mixtape zine – issue 11

Mixtape Zine issue 11 is available now for pre-order. Get in quick, limited edition and new square format and it's full of goodness. It's also has my first ever article about stashing! So, yep, I have a vested interest in it…kidding peeps. Seriously though, Justine does a rocking job and it's an awesome zine. She did an interview with Sister D over at Craft Sanity a while back, it's definitely worth a listen.  LOVING the cover of this issue, artwork by Gemma Jones.

On serious iTunes rotation at the moment is the Peter Yorn, Scarlett Johansson collaboration. AND have you seen Sarah's paper chandelier! Talk about make your eyes bleed with envy! Now I HAVE to make one of these. Ok, back to it, have a great crafty day.


4 thoughts on “mixtape zine – issue 11

  1. tracey says:

    Fab. Cannot wait for this to arrive in my mail box this week! I too am loving Peter Yorn, preferring his songs when singing with Scarlett as opposed to solo 🙂


  2. theaxx says:

    but wait, my craftpodcasts are confused, sister d is the other one right? Craft sanity is erm, um, jennifer? yes yes jennifer ackerman haywood, her husband always says it in that funny voice… funny that we all listen to the same thing, but I lOVE them! have to hold myself back so I can listen to at least two back to back 🙂
    Like the converstaion hour too…


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