silent community

Ok, we can officially say I'm sucking at Blogtoberfest! Onwards and upwards…

These guys? What do you think they're thinking? I reckon they're all murmuring to each other, they know they're going to be stuffed into a suitcase, getting handled all day and hopefully going off to homes today. Any left I'll stick in the online shop.


13 thoughts on “silent community

  1. sooz says:

    Would you look at them apples…wow I so can’t make so many of the same things. I go a bit funny in the head…have you??
    Good luck for market day!


  2. essie says:

    i hope they all find loving homes – but i must say, they look great all crowded together too. i kind of want a bowl full of them for my coffee table! 😀


  3. corrie says:

    I just love this picture! I got one at stitches and craft but I’m ashamed to say I don’t use it….because it’s too nice and sits with my very nice things craft shelf in my sewing room! I just love it!


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