little market day

Distracted Little Market Day went down a treat. BUT. There is a but. All of a sudden Perth decided it was summer and bought a 32C day with little wind. BLOODY hot when you're sitting under a tent! Aside from that AND the road closures people came and shopped and Jessica was awesome AND Natalie organised a wonderful day.

Poor Sondra didn't have as good a day, she had one of those sitting in the sun and not selling a whole bunch kinda market days. Makes it hard. But live and learn, we just won't be doing Subiaco next year.

Pictures? I cheekily handed J-CARR the camera and asked if she'd take photos of the stall and she did. Lovely as usual. Ta again J. I hope to also get some finished apples into the online shop this week.

7 thoughts on “little market day

  1. Rosie says:

    Hi, I had a frustrating market day on teh weekend too. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one! It’s interesting that each market is different…you never know what to expect, but as you say, live and learn!


  2. theaxx says:

    Oh! Oh! I want to buy them ALL!!!
    I am SO SO jealous you’re not in sydney, although it’s probably a good idea as I’d literally rush over and empty my wallet on 700 apples, they’re just so very gorgeous!
    Thanks for the INGENIOUS suggestion about Spoonful by the way.Total BRILLIANCE!! It was like a giant light bulb flashed above my head with the word ‘craftpalooza’ tattooed across it 🙂


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