quick hi and a little competition

Hi! A quick hi! A bit of a nutty week this week. I have no new crafting, but I have a giveaway! Justine at Mixtape Zine has kindly given me a couple of copies of the latest issue to giveaway. I have an article in this issue about stashing and there's lots of other useful, interesting and creative stuff. So if you don't win, consider subscribing or buying a copy or even gifting a copy. The comp. Leave a comment between now and Sunday 29 November. Then I'll randomly pick 2 winners and yep I'll post them anywhere in the world.

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Ok! Gotta dash, happy crafting. xo


local shop resources

I'm always on the lookout for interesting retailers here in Perth. I'm not a fan of large shopping malls that sell generic stuff. I'll list my favourite go-to's for local gift buying, for myself and others, I'm sure there are more, if you have any please do list them in the comments I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting.

Aspects of Kings Park – for all things Western Australian/Australian, but no block of wood clocks here, or thongs in the shape of Australia, thank goodness!

Black Plastic – all sorts of kitschy goodness and lots of great stocking stuffers this time of year.

The Butcher Shop – I haven't been here, but online they're looking like my sort of thing.

Distracted – even if you go just to visit, Natalie keeps a lovely shop and has wonderful window displays.

EDITED: Little Design Horse – I don't know how I could have forgotten these guys. They ROCK.

Lotus – there's the gift and home shop and the next block up, the accessories shop.

Mr Sparrow – this is probably my current favourite, it's small but full of indie and designer yummy.

Remedy – This is another current favourite.

Ruck Rover General Store – yummy indie goodness.

Ware – no website, but a ripper shop.

I've created a google map, feel free to add any indie/designer retailers in Perth, Western Australia. Can be in the country, doesn't have to be metro only.

crochet ribbon cuffs

Hi! Sorry for the radio silence. I've not really had anything new to show you, until now! These are cuffs on the fly. Not finished, I need to add a button/s and loops for a closure, weave in ends etc. I'm liking them, some will be gifts and some for upcoming markets. I'll write up the pattern at some point, but those of you that know how to crochet here's the quick low down:

I'm using a 2.5mm hook and a mercerised cotton Millefili Fine, 5ply.

Row 1: Chain 45sts or enough to go just around your wrist, then insert hook into the 6th chain from hook and double crochet (DC) into each chain. At the end chain 2 and turn work.

Row 2:  Half double crochet (HDC) into the top of each of the DC row you've just done until the end. Chain 6 and turn.

Row 3: Then triple crochet (TC) into the top of each of the HDC row you've just done until the end. Chain 2 and turn.

Then repeat row 2 and then row 1. I used this crochet lace edging for the 2 long edges, I didn't cut the yarn after the last row I continued along the edge with the lace. I did cut it and reconnect to do the other edge. Leave a long tail and fasten off.

At this point I haven't worked out the details for the loop for the closure, but again, if you crochet you can probably work this out.

My (meaning I don't know if it's UK, USA etc) double crochet: yarn over (YO) insert into chain, yarn over and pull loop through (3 loops on hook), YO and pull 2 loops off, YO and pull the last two loops through.

My half double crochet (HDC): yarn over then insert hook into DC stitch, YO again and pull through loop, 3 loops on hook. YO and pull through 3 loops.

My triple crochet (TC): yarn over, insert hook into HDC, YO again and pull through loop, 3 loops on hook. YO and pull through 1 loop, YO and pull through 2 loops, YO and pull through final 2 loops.

Ok. Happy crafting!

stinky face, no not a new crafting technique

This always cracks Sondra and I up but I don't know if it amuses anyone else. Excuse the bad lighting, wobbles etc it was taken very quickly with my iPhone, man how to sell a video. The best "stinky face" is at about the 30-35 second point. People with cats might have experienced the "stinky face"? Our two are serious stinky facers.

a button wreath tutorial, but you didn’t really need me

Really. You didn't. You guys could work this one out. But I had requests, so here's how I do it.

You'll need:

  • PVA Glue – a white general crafter's glue that dries clear, important to note, CLEAR drying glue! I can't stand glue guns and hot glue and it bloody hurts when you inevitably end up burning yourself. Trust me PVA works fine.
  • A piece of board at least A4 in size to use as backing for the wreath, nice dense board at least 2mm thick and preferably with a coated paper one side. I've used crocodile board.
  • A printout of the template at 100% or scale it to suit your needs, this one is for a 145mm diametre wreath.
  • Buttons! Lots of them. Decide your colour theme. I've used a mixture of new, vintage and scrapbooking buttons. Also, different sizes and textured buttons make for an interesting wreath.
  • A piece of ribbon or whatever you'd like to use to hang your wreath, previously I've used a linen tape, this time I'm using a vintage green velvet ribbon.
  • A buckle to assist with the hanging, I've used a vintage mother of pearl buckle.
  • Scissors

Ok, here we go.

Firstly. Get your template, cut it out and trace it onto the piece of board you're going to use, then cut it out. If you have a few rough edges you can sandpaper them or use an emery board to smooth them.

 Cut out your board

Now the fun begins. Get your cardboard wreath and grab the biggest buttons you are going to use. Start laying them out onto the wreath and add the other buttons to get an idea of placement and to have a play. At this point you could take a photo and keep it available as a reference. This will also give you an idea of the amount of buttons you might need so you find out sooner that you need more!

 Dry run

Start gluing. I glue the largest buttons down first. I usually lay the largest buttons down and arrange them to get an idea for placement and then start gluing these in place. You don't need to go overboard with the glue, apply glue to the back of the button and stick it down. See in the image below how you can see some of the glue, it doesn't matter, this glue dries clear. Once it's dried, all gone.

Add the biggest buttons first

Keep on adding and gluing buttons on. See below, I'm adding more and more and starting to overlap some. Buttons that have a flat shank (not a metal loop) can also been used and are good for sitting on top of other buttons to fill in smaller gaps.

Starting to fill in

Keep on adding more and more buttons, filling in as many spaces as you can. You don't want to see much or any of the board if possible, even overlapping the edges slightly on the inner and outer of the wreath. In this case I like the croc pattern on the board and don't mind if it peaks through. I prefer my buttons to sit as flat as possible, so when layering I try not to have many on angles. Once you've filled in as much of the board as you can, start your layering. Adding some buttons over the top of your base. It helps to also have some itty bitty scrapbooking buttons to fill in small spaces.

Keep on layering 

Then, once you've added as many as you'd like let it sit to dry overnight. Make sure it's on a flat surface as the board might have buckled when you started adding glue, once it starts to dry it should flatten out.

Next. You want to add your ribbon/buckle for hanging. I like to use a buckle and ribbon and hid the knotted ribbon behind the wreath. Tadaaaa! You're done. Enjoy. Add a picture of your wreaths to the existing flickr group "Button: Wreaths, Trees, Balls and Flowers".

EDITED: 5/11 – Here's a pdf of the tutorial including the template for you to download and print. Download Button-wreath-tutorial-craftapalooza.


And here's a couple I've previously done.

Wreath white


green, a lot of it

Lots. Working on getting a button wreath tutorial together for you guys, though I reckon you don't really need me to show you, I'll show you how I do it anyhow. I might also have a felt bead/ball wreath tutorial, but that'll follow later, I need to work it out.

The weekend away? Was bloody great. White Dog Farm is awesome, in particularly the Merlot studio. AWE.SOME. Only an hour from metro Perth, perfect for a weekend getaway. Fresh baked bread every morning, the papers and enough breakfast provisions to keep us going for a long time. The sort of small accommodation where all the details have been thought through.

Tomorrow button wreath tutorial. Later.