my first aunt bec’s nine patch

LOOKIE, had to show you guys this even though I had to photograph it in bad light tonight. It's my first ever Aunt Bec's nine patch. I can't take credit for the awesome fabric combination, I bought it as a kit from Amitie about 2 years ago. LOVE the fabrics in these blocks, there are 3 Liberty prints which makes it even yummier.

I also string pieced the smaller patches and it does save time. Mental note for next quilt that I'm following a pattern for, make note of seam allowances!

HOPING that this weekend I can finish the top and even think about starting the quilting. I might even use basting spray after Sooz's comments this week about it. Any of you guys use it and happy with it? Any recommendations?



18 thoughts on “my first aunt bec’s nine patch

  1. Lesley says:

    Hi Nicole! I used basting spray on a single-bed sized quilt and it was a frigging disaster. The glue does not allow even the slightest movement, so there’s no give between the layers. I was doing a stitch-in-the-ditch quilting pattern, and the puckering on the back was so dreadful that I unpicked the entire thing, washed everything to try to get the glue out, and started again.
    I’d use it only for small pieces, if at all.


  2. Leann says:

    LOOOVE the spray baste and would NEVER go back to pinning or hand basting – I have used it successfully on quilts up to queen size (never made anything larger). The secret is to start at the center and work outward to an end as you spray baste, and also be sure not to stretch the fabric as you smooth it out. I use the spray can kind of like as a rolling pin to smooth the fabric as I lay it down. Love it!


  3. eleanor says:

    yes,another vote for basting spray.I use masking tape and attach my backing to the floor to stretch it out and making it super smooth.Still take your time as it is not a super quick process but beats having to stop every 2 seconds to remove a pin…


  4. Donna says:

    I too must add my vote. It can be repositioned if you don’t get it quite right on first go ’round and I love that. SOoooo much faster than pinning.


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