tutorial: heart, flower & rain cloud felt fridge magnets

This is another one of those tutorials that you don't really need me for, but here it is anyhow. This one is easy peasy!

Grab your felt, my favourite is 100% wool.

You'll also need embroidery thread, I've used 3 strands.

A little bit of your choice of stuffing.

Rare earth magnets, these little suckers are stupid strong.

Some glue, I've used E6000, you don't need much.

  1. Download the template file and print it out at 100%. The template has 2 of each template on it, but you'll only need one, I just didn't want to waste paper, so give a 2nd copy to a friend.
  2. Choose which magnets you want to do and trace these shapes onto your felt, you'll need 2 felt shapes per magnet.
  3. Get one one of your magnets and glue one to one of your felt pairs. This helps keep the magnet in place.
  4. Once the glue has dried grab the other piece of felt and start your blanket stitch around the edge.
  5. Leave a small gap and put your stuffing into your felt shape, then finish your blanket stitch edge. There, you're done!
  6. If you're doing the flower magnets embroider the pattern onto one of the felt pieces before you blanket stitch the 2 shapes together.

Felt Fridge Magnets template – pdf file

For those interested the photos below are Sondra and I, I'm on the left 1973 in Araluen Park I think and Son was the same age, her nonna had put curlers in her hair, CUTENESS!


15 thoughts on “tutorial: heart, flower & rain cloud felt fridge magnets

  1. Tayla B says:

    Hiya! I just came across your blog from Kootoyoo and wanted to say that these magnets are cute! I think I may have to make a couple… hmmm.. I wonder how easy it would be to make a little pug head magnet? lol
    btw the flowers are my favorite 🙂


  2. tanya says:

    these are so darling. saw your stall at the upmarket in sep 2010 so had to check the blog – im so inspired!! even the tut’s you think we dont “need” are fab. thankyou!


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