crochet dishcloths are not icky!

I used to think that knitted/crochet dishcloths were gross! I have no rational reason for this. At some point I became a convert and we have been for the past few years a handmade dishcloth house. We save on not buying dishcloths, they are easy to look after, put them in the wash when they're ready for a clean. We use about 3 a week. Just keep them wrung out and hanging up when they're not in use so they dry out.

My current favourite go-to pattern is the Just Right Dishcloth pattern, it's crochet and it's quick. These were crochet using Peaches & Creme and were gifted to a friend. Before this pattern my favourite was the Practically Hyperbolic dishcloth pattern, another crochet pattern.


4 thoughts on “crochet dishcloths are not icky!

  1. Tania says:

    Last year I made a few. Then the Mr recalled how his mother used to boil her dirty dishcloths in a saucepan on Saturdays (some sort of English propensity?). That was enough to turn me off, but then the Mr started musing about soup stock and the like. I’ll book myself into therapy and get with the programme, shall I?


  2. Beverly says:

    I recall reading an article, I believe in Home Campanion”, that homemade kitchen items, when given as gifts, seem to always get put away because people don’t want to mess them up. Of course, the writer was encouraging people to please get them in circulation. I have a few dish clothes that a friend gave me and I love them for their sturdiness. So, crochet away!


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