it’s called hexitis

Where you have this bizarre urge to cut bits of paper and then sew fabric around them and then attach them to each other and then again sew these to larger bits of fabric. Sound nuts, yep it is. What you're seeing below just a sampling of 1 inch hexes for a breakfast table runner for Sondra and I. Why? Because I can. Because I'm a hoarder of scraps and figured what the heck it'll only take 200 hexes.

Then, I was flicking through Rosalie Quinlan's "A Stitch In Time" and figured I'd give her Flower Garden quilt a crack. Yeah a bed size hex quilt. (I can hear you laughing!)

I use Gutermann quilting thread to sew the hexes and Thread Heaven
thread conditioner to stop it from knotting. I like this method for sewing the hexes to the papers and I can't find the link for the method I use to sew them together. I don't use a whip stitch I do a brick stitch. EDIT AGAIN! I get my paper templates from Lizard of Oz, they rock, they're quick and always give me samples of other shapes.

I have a new to me Japanese craft book on hexagons, ISBN 9784834764826 and I knew once I saw this I'd be giving it a crack in this lifetime! 

AND don't get me talking about pieced blocks that look like houses! This book is bloody awesome. Have you seen Kate's? And Maritza's? EDIT: AND Alissa's bloody cute block


Ok, well if you've hung around for that bunch of ramble, nicely done! Happy crafting.

15 thoughts on “it’s called hexitis

  1. Ann Tracy says:

    I think anything made with 200 fabric hexes is a perfectly reasonable project. I’m crocheting an afghan using fingering weight yarn and I’ll “only” need 288 hexes (I think, my math could actually be off.) Some might say that there is medication to help with these kinds of obsessions, but why bother when there is fabric or yarn available? Happy sewing!


  2. Emily says:

    Love your hexes and even though I’m not a quilter I’ve found them quite inspiring – sparked all kinds of crazy ideas for using fabric shapes in what I’m doing…
    The ladder stitch tutorial is fabulous too – glad you found it!


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