easter buns, already…

First up sorry for the silence yet again! Busy couple of weeks and I resigned from my job of 8 years to take on a new role that I'll start in about 3 weeks. It's exciting but sort of terrifying, you know the devil you know and all that!! I'm positive about the new job and the possibilities and challenges it'll bring. Big change but a good kick out of my very deep comfort zone.

So the post title? Yep bunnies. Already. Some a gifts and some I'll probably have at some markets. They have little plastic egg capsules in them that you can put a chocolate or other little gifty. All the details at Ravelry.

I'm also working on some seat covers for a friend's ute. Yep, you read right, Katja did design work for me and my part of the bargain is seat covers. We started yesterday and at first it was quite daunting but I think we'll finish with a result she'll be happy with. I'll post some pictures soon.

Happy crafting!


13 thoughts on “easter buns, already…

  1. Belinda says:

    The bunnies are adorable – must learn to crochet one of these days.
    Best of luck with the new job. I’ve been with the same company for 20 years, this year. Almost half my lifetime..I thought of moving around the 9 year mark but decided to hang on for long service.Then the kids came along and I sort of got stuck!
    Good on you for having the guts to jump ship. I’m sure it’ll turn out to be the best decision you ever made.


  2. craftapalooza says:

    Hey bel – I don't know if it's about guts! I seem to end up working for very small businesses (less than 10 staff) and by law they don't have to offer you long service leave, believe me if there was long service leave on the table I would have stayed longer!


  3. essie says:

    those little buns are absolutely adORable! i love them!
    good luck in your transition on the work front. i hate change, so i can sympathise with the anxiety you must be feeling right now. i’m sure you’ll be great, though. you are very clever and organised and resourceful, so you’ll do brilliantly.
    essie xoxox


  4. Lisa says:

    Those bunnies are the sweetest things I have seen in ages – they will be just the shot for Easter! Best wishes for your new role – great that you can have a bit of a break first.


  5. Nicole says:

    haha, i just made a load of these bunnies for all of my friend’s kids but i kept decreasing and turned them into stuffies. now it’s time to make some egg warmers for myself.


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