teatowel swap

Sooz oranised a teatowel swap. Here's a peek at my work in progress. Linen teatowels with vintage Japanese flour sack hexagons. The hexagons are paper pieced and then I machine sew them on using a blanket type stitch on the machine. AND YES I prewashed all the fabrics, I know, don't fall off your perch. Linen always needs prewashing and the vintage stuff I had to wash when it arrived to make sure there were no critters! Told you I had hexitis.


There's another sickness in our home, it's called ickycattail. It's where your adult cat likes to stalk you and bully you into a position so he can get curled in a ball next to you and suck his tail whilst kneading your leg or arm. It will not work if you are not in the position he wants and if you move your arm you are not doing it right. When he gets totally settled like the video below we call this "zoning" as in Spud is in the zone. He goes off to his happy place and can suck like this for up to 5 minutes. It doesn't sound long but trust me, when it's your arm or boob that he's kneading it feels like forever! Excuse my David Attenborough voice in the video, if you talk too loud it disturbs His Spudness.

8 thoughts on “teatowel swap

  1. Stacey says:

    What a funny cat!
    A big, handsome and very funny cat. I love how he really gets into the zone.
    My cat likes me to hold the end of his tail for him as he licks it, but that lasts about 10 seconds, not 5 minutes!!


  2. Victoria says:

    oh my gosh, I thought my brothers cat was the only cat in the world to suck her tail! She would do the exact same thing and then walk in front of you and wipe the slobbery thing right across your face. UGH! Nastiness. It was kind of sweet to see her all curled up sucking her tail and purring and lost into oblivion. She would hold it between her paws like a baby holds a bottle and then after a while, she would start with the kneading.


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