makin’ bag

I had this idea to create a textile to turn into a bag…back in April last year! Holy crap time flies. I have done some more work on the piece, added embroidery, silk accents and some liberty tana lawn to the doily which is my favourite part. So now all I have to do is turn this sucker into a bag. Maybe by this time next year I'll have it finished?!

Oh and I don't plug things here but I want to tell you about Zinio. I'd been wanting to subscribe to Martha Stewart Living but the cost had been making me pause. Then I found a digital subscription on Zinio, 12 issues for USD$28 which is a bloody bargain in my books. Cover price for Martha here in Australia at a newsagency is about AUD$12 to $16 per issue (USD$9 to $13ish). Sure it's not the same as reading a paper magazine but for the savings it's worth it. They also have an iPhone application but it's not available in the Australian iTunes store yet (hurry up Zinio!!), so at the moment I'm restricted to reading it on the computer. Frankie Magazine is available too, USD$13 for 3 issues.


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