friday flickr favourites

Hey! *waves* Hooray for bloody Friday, hey! I'd like to show you some crafting but this week I've been a little distracted by preparation for Unwrapped tomorrow, come on by and say hi!

Those car seat covers I mentioned are coming along….slowly 🙂 we did a first fitting and it fit! Which totally made me happy and very relieved. I'll get some pictures when I have more to show you.

Can I distract you with some of my flickr favourites? Too bad, here, enjoy and have a fabulous weekend.

Want to see it bigger? Head over to flickr.


1. New quilting pattern, 2. close up of flowers, 3. Zakka Pillow 2, 4. { scrap explosion ii }, 5. pouf, 6. paper logcabin, 7. You seem to have something on your face, dude., 8. lifesavers by Cosmo Cricket, 9. don't let the mukmuk out of the bag, 10. ruffles, 11. Penguins, 12. 60s Gingerbread house, 13. selvage quilt on chair, 14. Double-Thick Hexagon Potholder Back, 15. olives quilt, 16. Pillow Talk Round 2, 17. Cupcakes!, 18. an anna maria horner string quilt, in voile, 19. Little House, 20. "Hexagon" Japanese Craft Book, 21. one quilt for Nanette, 22. one quilt – Sarah, 23. Color Your Cloth mini quilt, 24. crochet pillows and quilted blanket…, 25. hearts, 26. one quilt top, 27. My Kokeshi-Inspired doll, 28. Untitled, 29. watchoo doen?, 30. pinning for hand quilting, 31. some new Radetskys!, 32. wall in livingroom, 33. quilt in progress, 34. Positivity Project ~ 04, 35. Turquoise Circles Quilt Front by Peppermint Pinwheels, 36. Work Quilt #2

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