it’s on b*tches!

This is my last week at my current job, 8 years. Yep a long time. There was talk about pranks and this morning I came into a desk that looks like this… So I throw out the challenge, hit me with your ideas. I am so gonna get the girls back. I have one idea but I'm looking for something interesting! Anyone?


14 thoughts on “it’s on b*tches!

  1. Krissy says:

    oh my goodness – we used to do this all the time at my old office. One morning (my birthday actually) I came into my room and it was *full* of balloons – everywhere. It was awesome but would obviously take ages to do. Another one was wrapping up everything on the desk, the desk itself etc in newspaper. That was funny.
    Good luck Nic – hope you get ’em!


  2. Jeanne says:

    Once we masking taped someones cube. Basically created a web of tape around their cube. You could fill the cube with something. Ballons? Tape things to the desk?
    When I was in college, my dorm mates stapled together a large square of dixie cups and filled them with water on my bed. The trick was how would I remove them without spilling the water?
    Ha, I had the last laugh. I carefully removed each staple and one by one took away the cups. When they returned to my room I was sitting on my bed reading as if nothing happened. Face1


  3. Heather says:

    my husband’s office is famous for the things they do to the co-workers cubes during vacations…off the top of my head they have gift wrapped everything and put cups of water (like water cooler cup size) on everything (including the bare floor).


  4. val says:

    stretching plastic wrap over EVERYTHING is always fun. Do the doorway too, when stretched really tight, they won’t see it and walk right into it. (We used to do it and then spray it with cooking spray.)


  5. ann says:

    Freeze blocks of ice one with stapler, one with pens/pencils, one with mouse(or would that ruin it? maybe in a zip lock baggie in the block of ice)etc. etc. Cheaper and less mucky than the jello but i really do like the jello idea.
    Turn everything on the desk upside down.
    Once, in uni, in the lab where I worked we took someone’s desk completely apart, stored it in an air shaft and left a very official letter stating that the space had been given to a PhD student rather than a lowly Master’s student. WE laughed ourselves silly but the subject of our prank was quite put out and complained to the dean (who laughed with us…whew)


  6. di says:

    Ok, my favorite (although it is perhaps a bit nasty) is to switch the 4 and 6 digits on the phone (ok, so it involves some technical skill too to get the phone apart and back together all right). It has the initial appearance of being OK, until perhaps the phone user makes a few wrong calls, or finds themselves feeling confused when they’re dialing a familiar number.
    I hasten to add I’ve never DONE this, just heard about it, and it kind hit a chord with my funny bone.
    Enjoy your last week (again?!!) and good luck with whatever your next working venture is (full time crafting?)


  7. Erienne says:

    Delurking (heh Hiya!)
    That looks so festive! I bet you must have gotten a real kick out of it.
    Okay I gave this some thought and googled a bit looking for something that would be fairly easy to pull off and would not destroy company property.
    Get a lot of elastic bands, like one of those big giant boxes and rubber band the heck out of their phone in all different directions pinning their phone to the cradle.
    Well that’s my idea. I’m probably going to just keep on lurkin, but since I’m here now I will say that I have coveted that ottoman of yours from the day you made it. It is gorgeous.


  8. jek says:

    these ideas are cracking me up! i;ve done the balloon thing and then there is always a string maze. grab a ball of yarn and tie it to something stationary, then wind it all over the cubicle or room so there is no sitting down or getting to anything…you can tie a candy bar to the end so there is prize if yer feeling nice. 🙂 have fun!


  9. Kylie says:

    Swap the 1,2 and 3 keys with the 7, 8 and 9 keys on the keyboard keypad…most people can’t quite work out why it’s wrong, as phones are a different way ’round. it’s quite easy to pry the keys off with a nailfile (or similar).
    I was also once involved (and by inivolved I mean ‘instigated’) in a prank that consisted of wrapping EVERYTHING (and I mean everything…) on, in, under and around a co-workers desk in newspaper 😉
    Also, if you press Ctrl + the down arrow key I am reliably informed that this will invert the display on the monitor…


  10. madebymegs says:

    That is too cute. I have a very good one…if someone has an office, fill it with blown up balloons. My husband did that to his boss and when his boss opened the door to his office, he could not get in because of all the balloons. Too darn funny!!


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